Below Deck Season 11 Cast: Everything You Need so Far!

On July 1, 2013, the American reality television series Below Deck had its Bravo debut. The show follows the crew members’ daily lives as they live and work on a superyacht throughout the charter season. A multitude of spin-offs from the series exist, such as Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Down Under, and Below Deck Adventure.

Bravo’s Below Deck is now a staple program, ranking among the top reality TV series. The franchise has produced other series spin-offs featuring various types of ships, showcasing the lives of opulent yacht crews. The captain and crew, however, are constantly at the heart of the action. Not everyone is cut out for life on the high seas, with visitors to tend to and interpersonal dynamics to negotiate. Things can get challenging for the Below Deck group, especially when they’re attempting to balance their work and personal obligations.

Below Deck Season 11 Cast

The eleventh season of Below Deck transports viewers to Grenada, Spain, a sun-drenched shoreline where the glistening Mediterranean waters await thrilling new expeditions and opulent yachting pleasures. Captain Kerry Titheradge is in the lead, navigating the ship with more than 20 years of experience at sea. With each member of the carefully chosen team prepared to provide service beyond the greatest standards, his leadership is poised to lead.

In Season 11, Captain Kerry Titheradge of Below Deck Adventure will take over the wheelhouse. Returning cast members Ben Willoughby, who is on deck, and Fraser Olender, who is the chief stew, join him.

Captain Kerry Titheradge

High seas experiences are nothing new to Captain Titheradge. Having been a yacht owner for 20 years, he is qualified to manage the crew and make sure visitors have a wonderful time. He is a mechanic, an electrician, and a prospective pilot. Captain Lee’s advice, which emphasizes honesty, particularly in the context of social media, has inspired his leadership approach.

Chief Stew Fraser Olender

Fraser Olender returns to the forefront of Below Deck in season 11, having captured hearts in the previous season. Fraser, a London native from Hampstead, has six years of experience in the yachting sector, and his commitment to providing exceptional service is evident. Because he speaks French well, his conversations have a little European elegance.

Ben Willoughby

Australian-born Ben Willoughby is evident in his surfer style and sun-kissed hair. Ben’s childhood fantasy of living on a yacht came true in 2020 while he was in France. Currently, three years into his career, he blends his passion for the sea with his deckhand responsibilities. Ben’s job as the head deckhand is essential to maintaining the yacht’s appearance and making sure safety procedures are followed.

Chef Anthony Iracane

Chef Anthony Iracane‘s culinary delights will have the Below Deck season 11 yacht’s kitchen buzzing. Anthony was born in France, and his culinary adventures brought him to Miami, where he established the food truck SnackyBae, which serves only the best French street food. Anthony’s work is essential to creating gourmet meals that satisfy the varied tastes of the yacht’s visitors.


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Marie “Sunny” Marquis

One of the newest additions to the Below Deck season 11 cast is Marie “Sunny” Marquis, a deckhand from Quebec. Her social media accounts indicate a strong fondness for the sailing lifestyle, even if she is relatively new to the sector. She will play a prominent part on deck, showcasing her love of the great outdoors and her DIY obsession with the opulent surroundings of the yacht.

Cat Baugh

Cat Baugh, a five-year yachting veteran from Orange County, California, assumes the position of cook. Her extracurricular pursuits of surfing, painting, and music point to an imaginative and vivacious personality that will come in handy working with Chief Stew Fraser Olender. Cat’s input to the interior team will be essential to upholding the superior levels of customer care.

Xandi Olivier

The Below Deck season 11 cast welcomes Xandi Olivier, another new stew, who adds a touch of South Africa. Xandi has a strong personality that will show through in her work. She has six years of experience in the field and enjoys live music and stand-up comedy. Her capacity to interact and entertain is suggested by her prior promotional work, which included a role for a rum cocktail with various cast members of Below Deck Adventure season 1.


Embark on a luxurious journey with the eleventh season of Below Deck, as the crew sets sail for Grenada, Spain, exploring the Mediterranean waters and indulging in opulent yachting pleasures. Led by the experienced Captain Kerry Titheradge, the carefully selected team, including familiar faces like Ben Willoughby and Fraser Olender, promises service beyond the highest standards. As the crew navigates the challenges of balancing work and personal obligations, the Below Deck franchise continues to be a staple in reality TV, showcasing the thrilling lives of yacht crews against the backdrop of sun-drenched shorelines and shimmering seas.

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