Love Island Season 10 Cast: Navigating Romance in the Mallorca Villa!

Things are getting hot in the villa as Love Island 2023 gets underway. Our obsession with the summer series is undoubtedly due to the grafting, mugging off, picks, pies, and more. The names, ages, occupations, and other details of the Islanders—including the newcomers to Casa Amor—are all listed here.

After a summer hiatus, Love Island, an ITV reality dating show, has returned for Season 10, and the new Islanders are eager to begin their summer adventures in the Mallorca villa. The basic idea behind the reality dating program is to find a mate or lose the opportunity to win their portion of £50,000 if you end up getting dumped.

This is a list of all the islanders who have joined the Love Island villa thus far, along with all the information you require to know about them, as Love Island UK gains.

Which cast members make up Love Island Season 10?

This new Love Island season will be the program’s second run in 2023. The champions of the series’ winter season were announced in March: Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan. Who, though, is going to take their place? Including the guys and girls from Casa Amor, these are all the contestants. It’s time for the cast of Love Island UK season 10 to start dating. Discover more about the season 10 roster of Love Island UK contestants and their pet peeves by reading on.

Ruchee Gurung

love island season 10 cast

24-year-old Sutton, England-born Ruchee Gurung is a beautician. Being an island native, she arrived on the first day. She stated in a press release for Love Island UK Season 10: “I’m single and looking for love, and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to find someone.” This was her reason for entering the villa. Despite my tendency toward relationships, they haven’t worked out for me thus far. I am eager to discover the appropriate individual in the Villa. The island would “definitely enjoy” her presence because she is “very loud and outgoing.” Even yet, she says she’s “also quite a direct person.” I’ll add some honesty as well; I just speak my mind.

Ella Thomas

love island season 10 cast

Scotland-born model Ella Thomas is 23 years old. Arriving at the villa on the first day, she is an original islander. “It’s going to be good vibes all summer,” she says, adding that she’s excited to have fun. In a press release for Love Island UK Season 9, she opened up about her single status, saying, “Western men don’t know a good one when they have one.” As I wouldn’t accept anything less, I would say that maintaining high standards is a decision I made rather than a result of my actions.

Catherine Agbaje

love island season 10 cast

Irish commercial real estate broker Catherine Agbaje, 22, is a native of Dublin. Joining on the first day, she is an original islander. Because she felt that this was the ideal chance to focus on what she was truly seeking and accomplish her romantic objective, she decided to attend Love Island. My goal is to expose myself and my feelings to the public. I desire to love and be loved, without any interruptions. Though she admitted to falling in love quickly, she said she doesn’t typically do so because she feels so protective of her feelings. You’re stuck with me for the rest of my life when I do fall in love, and I fall hard!”

Jess Harding

love island season 10 cast

English beauty professional Jess Harding, 22, is a native of London. “My love life just isn’t working,” she stated when asked why she decided to join Love Island. “I’ve been single for two years now.” I consider fate to exist. Because every boy right now is giving her the ick, she is currently single. My conserving myself for Mr. Right in the villa makes me feel like it’s fate!”

Molly Marsh

love island season 10 cast

English singer-songwriter Molly Marsh, 21, hails from Doncaster and works in social media. Having arrived in the first episode, she is an original islander. The moment was the reason she joined the island: “It seems like the right place to meet someone and the right time.” Going into a villa in the sun with the potential “one” inside is the best way to meet someone, as I’m not into dating apps or going out to parties; I’m rather traditional. Adding “fun, bubbly, energetic little sister energy” to the villa is something she is excited about. I hope I can brighten people’s days a little bit. I’m impulsive, adventurous, and ready for a good laugh.


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André Furtado

love island season 10 cast

21-year-old Dudley, England-born André Furtado is a company owner. In an advanced move, he joined the island. “I have a better mindset towards relationships and I’m done with situationships,” he stated in a press release after finishing his studies. The cherry on top of the many things that are going right for me would be a wonderful woman. As “charming,” he describes himself. Furthermore, he has said that he will be bringing both attractiveness and language courses to the villa. Spanish, Portuguese, and a smidgeon of Creole will be my languages to impart to the other Islanders. I believe I’ve got all the good parts.

Mitchell Taylor

love island season 10 cast

26-year-old Sheffield, England-born Mitchell Taylor works as a gas engineer. The first episode saw him arrive on the island. His humorous tale explains why he decided to join the island. It’s good to have a fresh start, turn off distractions, and concentrate on finding the right girl for me, as Mitchell recollected. “I feel like I’m known in Sheffield as someone’s ex,” she said. He’s now unmarried, nevertheless, because of his type. “I’m just incredibly selective. The woman I want to marry and start a family with has to be found. I want to find the one since I’m almost 27 and I don’t want to continue playing the field.

Tyrique Hyde

love island season 10 cast

English football player Tyrique Hyde, 24, is from Essex. He plays semi-professionally. As an original islander, he made his debut in the opening segment. He said, “It’s perfect because I haven’t been on vacation in ages and I’ve never had a girlfriend,” when he joined Love Island. He is entering the island with his head held high despite never having had a girlfriend.

George Fensom

love island season 10 cast

Based in Bedford, England, George Fensom is a 24-year-old executive in business development. Originally from the island, he made his appearance in the opening episode. “I’ve found lust before, but now it’s time for me to find love,” he said, explaining why he joined the island. On the island, he hopes to spread “positive vibes and high energy.” He declared in a news release, “I want to be the go-to guy.” I promise to “slay it” with my charm, charisma, sharp wit, superb beauty, and tanned ankles.

Mehdi Edno

love island season 10 cast

In London, England, and Bordeaux, France, Mehdi Edno is a 26-year-old manager of communications. Having debuted in the inaugural episode, he is an original islander. Following a busy lifestyle, he’s prepared to meet “the one.” In a news release, he said, “I’ve been busy for the last few years with work and doing my Masters degree, but now I’m done with the busy schedule and ready to find love.” After more than two years of being single, his friends encouraged him to participate in the show. Having seen the show previously, my friends consistently advise me to apply since they think I’d be a great fit! Now let’s examine whether or not they are correct.


“Love Island UK Season 10” promises a scorching summer full of romantic twists and turns as the new batch of Islanders set foot in the Mallorca villa. With a mix of original islanders and newcomers from Casa Amor, the stage is set for a captivating season filled with grafting, mugging off, and all the drama that Love Island fans crave.

The season introduces a diverse cast, each with their unique background, personalities, and reasons for joining the dating reality show. From Ruchee Gurung, the bold beautician, to Ella Thomas, the Scotland-born model, and Catherine Agbaje, the Irish commercial real estate broker, the villa is buzzing with excitement and potential connections. As the season unfolds, viewers can expect love triangles, unexpected alliances, and, of course, the famous Casa Amor twist that shakes up existing couples.

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