Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: Donald Glover’s Spy Comedy Triumph

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is an American spy comedy television series Developed by Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, that was based on the 2005 film. Glover and Maya Erskine are in it. Based on 51 critic reviews, Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator website, reported a 90% approval rating with an average rating of 7.9/10.

The intriguing chemistry between the protagonists makes the Mr. & Mrs. Smith pilot episode “First Date” incredibly enjoyable. The title pair, played by Community’s Donald Glover and Blue Eye Samurai’s Maya Erskine, are matched as a result of no one suspecting they are assassins. However, the series gets off to a thrilling start when two well-known guest performers pass away.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. In the spectacular Prime Video debut of Season 1, Episode 1 presents us with the main characters, John and Jane, as they start a new career with a global spy organization.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

mr. & mrs. smith season 1 episode 1 recap

The newly introduced Mr. and Mrs. Smith Season 1 are speaking with their affectionately named Hihi, their supervisor, via text when we first meet them. Despite having a master’s degree, the CIA turned her down due to her antisocial behavior. After serving in the military, he was “dishonorably discharged.”

Before receiving their first assignment the next day, Jane and John have a meeting in their new house, complete with their fictitious paperwork, marriage certificates, wedding bands, and weapons collection.

What is the initial mission of John and Jane?

mr. & mrs. smith season 1 episode 1 recap

The first task for the two is to follow an elderly woman to a restaurant where they must wait for a parcel. While there, we learn that Jane and John received an identical email inviting them to apply, and they discuss how they were chosen for their positions.

John(Donald Glover) and Jane pursue their target as she exits the restaurant, meeting her at a park where she meets her younger boyfriend/sugar baby. The two spies are growing more at ease in each other’s presence, even if the alleged package is still missing.

The woman goes to a theater and seats herself to watch a play next. Jane makes it inside, but she nearly loses her goal as she leaves with the package because she is too preoccupied with messaging John about a childhood story about pancakes and pedophiles. John is attempting to obtain a box that looks identical to Jane’s, while Jane pursues the woman to a store selling cell phones. The two manage to get their package back while causing a distraction.


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What did the enigmatic package contain?

mr. & mrs. smith season 1 episode 1 recap

The two were unhappy to discover a cake inside the parcel when they finally delivered it to the designated address. The house explodes as Jane(Maya Erskine) and John are leaving and expressing their dissatisfaction with the outcome of their quest. It went beyond a dessert.

The pair just escapes being apprehended by law enforcement. They part ways and return home to talk about what happened during the day. Jane worries that they might blow up along with the not-cake, but John reassures her that this is just the kind of dangerous assignment they both agreed to undertake.

The pies soon find themselves preoccupied with a more important issue: they have to decide on a name for their house cat. Though John wishes to name him Samuel, Jane believes the cat resembles Max. When Jane acknowledges that Max is the pet she brought from home, the outcome is predictable. As the first episode comes to a close, John and Jane bid each other good night.


“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” is an American spy comedy television series that premiered, drawing inspiration from the popular 2005 film of the same name. The dynamic duo behind the show, Glover and Maya Erskine, bring their comedic prowess to the forefront, promising an entertaining twist on the world of espionage.” Mr. & Mrs. Smith” appears to successfully translate the humor and intrigue of the original film into an engaging television experience.

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