Criminal Record Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: June’s Battle Against Corruption and Family Turmoil!

A bit more information on the Errol Mathis case was previously available on Apple TV+’s “Criminal Record.” While Hegarty continued to check into the shooting incident, June surreptitiously investigated Errol’s possibly erroneous conviction. Hegarty, on the other hand, discovered her ongoing research and made her life much more challenging. She was nonetheless even keener to reveal Hegarty and his boys—that is, other male officers—as they may have been involved in an unfair, prejudiced decision. The tension in June’s personal life is now evident in “Criminal Record” Episode 5, as she confronts Tony over his handling of Errol’s case. She acts bravely to oppose Hegarty’s attempts to silence her since she believes her son is being targeted.

Criminal Record Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

criminal record season 1 episode 5 recap

Episode 5, “Possession with Intent,” brings the Criminal Record back into focus. With further devastating events in June’s personal life, the tension in this suspenseful edition heats up even more. among yet another horrifying demonstration of the pervasive prejudice and corruption among the Sixty-Twos that still exist inside the force, they go after her son.

June and Leo examine the Errol Mathis(Tom Moutchi) case once more in the opening scene of “Possession with Intent,” with the help of a coworker. She contends that to force a person to react a specific way, memories might be altered or even seeded with false information. This might clarify Errol’s original admission.

Who among the Sixty-Twos plays Combat League?

criminal record season 1 episode 5 recap

As June pursues her investigation, she looks into possible officers who might have ties to the far-right organization Combat League. She thinks Daniel and his friends, The Sixty-Twos, might be involved with this contentious organization. During their interview, June shows Clive pictures of The Sixty-Twos group. Tony Gilfoyle is recognized by Clive, who affirms that he is a Combat League member.

Following this startling confirmation, June goes to see Tony and approaches him outside of his house. Calling June a bully in retaliation, Tony disputes any connection to the political party. But once she leaves, Tony is terrified and starts to worry. He calls Kim to deliver the unwelcome news that June is aware of them.

That day, June(Cush Jumbo)’s squad achieved further triumphs. Photographs showing Daniel entering and leaving a well-known drug den are shown to June and Sonya by a photographer. He explains that Miras Mansur, a heroin dealer, is the owner of the company. Daniel appears to frequent the place frequently. What is his connection to this druggist?

For what reason is Jacob being grabbed?

criminal record season 1 episode 5 recap

June experiences yet another significant setback as the probe moves forward. While strolling down a street with his new pals, her son Jacob is frisked and then taken into custody by the police. He is drugged up by the policemen before being brought to the nearby police station. Methamphetamine possession results in Jacob’s arrest.

Just as things get tight, poor Jacob(Jordan A. Nash) gets one phone call. When he calls his mother in June, she doesn’t pick up. Jacob then gives Maureen, his grandma, a call. Fearing for his safety, she bolts from the house. However, it looks like Maureen is experiencing the early symptoms of dementia. She gets lost and is spotted walking around the downtown streets looking completely lost. It is she who ends up in A&E.

In due course, June and her former spouse Zac reach the police station to retrieve their son Jacob. When the youngster is reunited with his family, the events appear to have thoroughly upset and scarred him. He apologizes a great deal. June is furious and demands to know who made the arrests. Upon more investigation, she learns that these identities are connected to Kim Cardwell(Shaun Dooley).


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Why is Miras Mansur arrested by June?

criminal record season 1 episode 5 recap

June is positive that this horrific event is the work of Daniel and The Sixty-Twos. But Leo is more resistant to influence. He doesn’t think she’s real. Racial concerns swiftly become embroiled in the couple’s argument over this disagreement. Enraged by the unfairness of it all, June decides to go and apprehend drug dealer Miras Mansur in an attempt to take back control of the circumstance.

While being transported to the station by June, Miras makes touch with Daniel Hegarty(Peter Capaldi). They both arrange to meet near the docks, the rivals. Daniel tells June that Miras is a reliable asset and gives the order to release him. However, June brings up Jacob’s detention instead, accusing Daniel of committing this injustice. This is the primary cause of the arrest. But the DCI disputes having anything to do with Jacob’s apprehension. Sincerely, he had no involvement at all.

It seems that Kim Cardwell acted alone and put meth on Jacob without Daniels’ knowledge. Tony’s engagement with Combat League is also mentioned by June. Tony spent all those years working covertly, as Daniel recounts. If June allows Miras to leave, he guarantees her he can get Jacob removed from the system. Ultimately, June acquiesces and, for once, prioritizes her family before the law in Criminal Record Season 1 Episode 5.

Daniel’s Fiery Confrontation with Kim

criminal record season 1 episode 5 recap

Daniel visits Kim following this regrettable event. He is enraged with his associate, elucidating how they held June in their palm. June had a great chance to get in trouble for bothering Tony and might have been arrested, but Kim blew their chance. Daniel maliciously wrecks Kim’s brand-new automobile as retaliation.

Following these occurrences, Daniel pays the full deposit for Patrick‘s new apartment, securing it for him. A spare key to the apartment is given to Lisa by Patrick, who is secretly dating Daniel’s daughter. Later on, it comes to light that Daniel is purchasing narcotics from Miras to support Lisa’s drug habit. He gives her a fresh supply of pills as the program comes to a close. Daniel is at a loss for what to do as she is obviously in the grips of addiction.


When the kids of the two main protagonists get involved in Episode 5, the Criminal Record gets a little more intense. Particularly poignant are the discussions that arise about ethnicity, police corruption, and juvenile crime in the UK as a result of the subplot centered on Jacob’s imprisonment. The compelling storyline will both irritate and entice viewers.

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