Let’s Talk About Chu Season Plot: Family Ties & Love Lies!

“Let’s Talk About CHU,” an comedy series on Netflix, attempts to tackle the complex issues of romance, sex, and family dynamics in a novel way. See the specifics of the show here. From the perspectives of several Chu family generations, the narrative, which starts on New Year’s Eve, examines the complexities of love and relationships.

Exclusively available on Netflix worldwide, the Taiwanese comedy series Let’s Talk About CHU offers a novel perspective on the complex issues of romance, sex, and family dynamics. Directed by the acclaimed Remii Huang (At the Moment), the modern, daring, and endearing series is co-produced by Machi Xcelsior Studios and Lucky Sparks Films.

Wax technician Chu Ai also maintains a sex education vlog on the side. Adhering to the mantra “Only Sex, No Love,” she has been in a sexual relationship with Ping Ke for a long time. Can Chu Ai overcome her desire and self-discovery to begin a relationship that transcends the physical in the face of the difficulties and tensions brought on by the Chu family’s unmet expectations for sex and love?

Let’s Talk About Chu Season Plot

Now let’s discuss CHU. examines relationships and love’s complexities from the perspectives of the Chu family’s many generations. The conflicts surrounding “love” and “sex” in the Chu family take center stage at the start of the story on New Year’s Eve.

let's talk about chu season plot

In addition to managing a social media site for sex education, Chu-ai (Chan Tzu-hsuan), the youngest daughter, is a wax therapist. She manages her fears by developing a friendship with benefits with Ping-ke (Kai Ko), who also shares her misgivings about love, and by living by the maxim “make love, not fall in love”.

Her brother Yu-sen (JC Lin) ends his long-term relationship with his partner after becoming caught in an unbalanced relationship, while her older sister Chu-wei (Kimi Hsia) navigates marital difficulties with her husband Shi-chieh (Umin Boya). Amidst a tense dynamic between their parents, portrayed by Miao Ke-li and Hong Sheng-te, the show explores Chu-ai’s potential to achieve self-realization, fulfill her aspirations, and form a significant bond.

Utilizing her personal experiences as a starting point, director Remii Huang hopes to start a dialogue on sex—a subject that is sometimes taboo in Asian societies. Within the Chu family, the comic drama fearlessly addresses modern relationship problems, stressing the value of candid conversations about sexuality in building strong bonds.

“I found the script interesting as it examines life through the different facets of sexuality,” actor Kai Ko stated, sharing his early impressions of the writing. “Each family member in the Chu family represents a different age group and their values.” Similar thoughts were expressed by lead actress Chan Tzu-hsuan, who stated, “I find it most touching that each character in Let’s Talk About CHU overcomes their trauma. This makes the series unique.” Taking on the difficult role of Chu-ai excites me in particular.


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Let’s Talk About Chu Season Cast

let's talk about chu season plot

Led by well-known figures like Chan Tzu Hsuan, Kai Ko, and Umin Boya, the cast of “Let’s Talk About Chu” is highly skilled. By portraying members of the Chu family, these performers provide a special talent and charm to the series, enhancing its compelling narrative. Bruce Hung, Phoebe Lin, Helena Hsu, Miao Ke Li, Lin Zhe Xi, Rhydian Vaughan, and other talented actors are among the cast members who guarantee a varied and deep portrayal.

Key characters Chan Tzu Hsuan, Kai Ko, and Umin Boya play important parts that give the story complexity. The cast of this new Taiwanese series, backed by an incredible group of people, works together to try and capture the complexities of love, relationships, and familial connections. The camaraderie and talent of this remarkable cast will be on display for audiences to see as “Let’s Talk About Chu” gets closer to release.


With its unique blend of content, “Let’s Talk About Chu” on Netflix is sure to become a noteworthy addition. Refreshing the romantic comedy-drama genre, the series features a terrific cast, an innovative plot, and a focus on intimate relationships within a family setting. A wide and diverse audience could find resonance with it, as further evidenced by the choice to release it in numerous languages.

For those looking for a blend of amusement and cultural discovery, “Let’s Talk About Chu” seems like an intriguing option in the end. As the show prepares for the premiere, it is sure to create a stir by allowing viewers to interact with the pleasures, difficulties, and, most importantly, the complexity of love experienced by the Chu family.

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