Sometimes I Think About Dying Cast: Unveiling the Ensemble Behind the Dark Comedy Gem!

Daisy Ridley, a former Jedi, is currently gaining a lot of attention for her role as Fran in Rachel Lambert’s dark comedy Sometimes I Think About Dying. The film is a feature-length version of Stefanie Abel Horowitz’s 2019 short film of the same name, which was influenced by Kevin Armento’s play Killers. When it debuted at the 2023 Sundance Festival, critics praised Ridley’s subtle portrayal and her micro-expressions, which conveyed her intense discomfort in social situations.

Sometimes I Think About Dying is a film to keep an eye out for, even though the theater release has not yet been announced. Thus, this is all the information we currently have on the film, such as the entire cast, the people behind it, its plot, and more.

Sometimes I Think About Dying Cast

In Sometimes I Think About Dying Dave Merheje, a Canadian comedian, portrays Robert, an amiable new coworker, while Daisy Ridley plays Fran, a very insecure young lady, in the movie. Parvesh Cheena (Shining Vale), Marcia DeBonis (13 Going on 30), Meg Stalter (Hacks), and Brittany O’Grady (The White Lotus) complete the ensemble. These folks play characters that show up in Fran’s office. They play jovial, well-intentioned people who hold retirement parties complete with the obligatory cake, unintentionally setting off Fran’s fight-or-flight reaction.

Daisy Ridley as Fran

sometimes i think about dying cast

Fran, a depressed and extremely insecure young woman, is portrayed in the movie by Daisy Ridley. Daisy Ridley made minimum wage bartending before being cast as Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, yet it’s difficult to envision her working an actual job. Since then, she has had lead roles in other films, such as Murder on the Orient Express.

Dave Merheje as Robert

sometimes i think about dying cast

The amiable new coworker Robert, played by Dave Merheje, persuades Fran to go out—first to see a movie, then to a house party—without realizing how far—far away—he has led her from her comfort zone. He is a Lebanese-born actor, writer, and stand-up comedian from Canada. Notable roles include that of Dave Bechara in the television sitcom Mr. D and an appearance in an episode of Comedians of the World, a stand-up comedy series on Netflix. In Ramy, he plays Ahmed.

Parvesh Cheena as Garrett

sometimes i think about dying cast

In the movie Sometimes I Think About Dying, Parvesh Cheena plays Garrett. He’s an actor from the United States. His roles as Sunil Odhav on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Gupta in the TV series Outsourced are what made him most famous. Along with Blades in Transformers: Rescue Bots, he also voices Bodhi in T.O.T.S. Additionally, he belongs to the Democratic Socialists of America.

Marcia DeBonis as Carol

sometimes i think about dying cast

In Sometimes I Think About Dying (2023), Marcia DeBonis plays the role of Carol. In the USA, on June 4, 1960, Marcia DeBonis was born. Known for her roles in Letters to Juliet (2010), Whatever Works (2009), and 13 Going on 30 (2004), she is both an actress and casting director.


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Meg Stalter as Isobel

sometimes i think about dying cast

Sometimes I Think About Dying stars Meg Stalter as Isobel. She’s an American actress and comedian. Stalter is known for portraying hysterical, delusional individuals in her videos who frequently make mistakes in their pronunciation, are theatrical, and attempt suicide ineptly.”I feel like all my characters are people whose lives didn’t turn out a certain way, but they’re still trying to pretend like it did,” Stalter has stated.

Brittany O’Grady as Sophie

sometimes i think about dying cast

Sophie, an amiable new coworker who persuades Fran to go out, is portrayed by Brittany O’Grady. She is a singer-actress from the United States. Her notable credits include starring appearances in the Fox series Star (2016–2019), the Apple TV+ series Little Voice (2020), the HBO anthology series The White Lotus (2021) in its debut season, and the Amazon Prime series The Consultant (2023). Additionally, she acted in the 2019 movie Black Christmas.


The article delves into the character dynamics, with Ridley portraying Fran, a depressed and insecure young woman, while Merheje’s Robert inadvertently leads her out of her comfort zone. The cast members are introduced, providing insights into their backgrounds and notable roles. Ridley’s journey from bartending to lead roles after Star Wars is highlighted, emphasizing her diverse acting portfolio, including films like “Murder on the Orient Express.”The film’s plot is briefly outlined, teasing the comedic yet discomforting situations that unfold as Fran navigates social challenges. The summary concludes by offering a comprehensive overview of the cast and the film, creating anticipation for the yet-to-be-announced theatrical release of “Sometimes I Think About Dying.”

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