Ripley Season 1 Cast: A Closer Look at the Cast Shaping the Thriller!

Fans of Andrew Scott, pay close attention because this is all you need to know about his next series, Ripley, which will soon be available on Netflix. Based on Patricia Highsmith’s best-selling Tom Ripley novels, the eight-part series centers on a con man hired by a wealthy industrialist to persuade his son to come home from Italy. However, things quickly go out of hand and turn into a murder mystery involving deceit, fraud, and murder.

Yes, this is the same tale as Mr. Ripley’s Talented! For those who are eager to see more of Andrew on film, we have all the information you need about Ripley, including the release date and the rest of the cast.

Ripley Season 1 Cast

The entire cast of Ripley season one, including the director and all of the actors and actresses, is included here. Dakota Fanning and Johnny Flynn feature in Anthony Minghella’s crime drama, which is set in 1950s New York. Tom Ripley is skilled in imitation and counterfeiting, and after being hired to “look after” the shipping tycoon’s kid, he discovers he enjoys the affluent lifestyle. John Malkovich features as well.

Andrew Scott as Tom Ripley

ripley season 1 cast

Playing the title role of Tom Ripley, an aspirational yet crafty man who seizes the chance to travel to Europe and better his lot in life, is Andrew Scott. The Irish actor Scott, a BAFTA winner, is most recognized for his television parts in Fleabag and Sherlock. He has acted in important movies such as 1917, Spectre, and Pride throughout the last ten years. His Dark Materials, Modern Love, and Black Mirror were among the numerous TV shows in which he made appearances. In the romantic drama film All of Us Strangers, which he most recently starred in, he received some of the finest accolades of his career.

Johnny Flynn as Richard “Dickie”

ripley season 1 cast

Tom’s attention is drawn to Richard “Dickie” Greenleaf, the affluent and spoilt son of Herbert who fled to Italy and is portrayed by Johnny Flynn. The British actor Flynn has acted in shows including Lovesick, Genius, and Vanity Fair. In addition, he made appearances in movies including Cordelia, Operation Mincemeat, and the Emma 2020 remake. Alongside Anthony Hopkins, he most recently acted in the historical drama One Life.

Dakota Fanning as “Marge” Sherwood

ripley season 1 cast

Dakota Fanning will portray Marjorie “Marge” Sherwood, Dickie’s closest friend and love interest. In movies like Man on Fire, I Am Sam, and Uptown Girls, the American actress gained popularity as a young actor. Fanning went on to star in movies including Brimstone, The Runaways, and The Twilight Saga. Even television shows like The Alienist and The First Lady were produced by her. Her most recent endeavor involved working with Denzel Washington once more on The Equalizer 3.


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Eliot Sumner as Dickie’s friend

ripley season 1 cast

Additionally, Eliot Sumner joins the cast in a regular role as Dickie’s friend who begins to have doubts about Tom. English musician and relatively young actor Sumner has acted in movies such as No Time to Die, A Mouthful of Air, and The Gentlemen. He is the son of frontman Sting of The Police.

John Malkovich

ripley season 1 cast

Additionally, John Malkovich is scheduled to make an unidentified appearance in the series. A Primetime Emmy Award is among the many honors bestowed upon him. He has also been nominated for two Academy Awards, a BAFTA Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards.

What Does ‘Ripley’ About?

ripley season 1 cast

The show will center on Tom Ripley and his interactions with Dickie Greenleaf and Marge Sherwood, and it is based on Patricia Highsmith‘s novel The Talented Mr. Ripley. Tom is a failing con artist in New York who relies on his cunning forgeries and impersonation abilities to make ends meet. He happens to run across his wealthy and well-known shipbuilding buddy Herbert Greenleaf, who asks Tom for assistance in getting his son Dickie back from his upbringing in Italy.

Tom seizes the chance and finds Dickie, only to develop a fixation with being friends with the affluent boy and adopting his opulent way of life. Marge, Dickie’s close friend who also seems to be in love with him, questions Tom’s intentions, though. The tension and twisted dynamics between Tom, Dickie, and Marge will captivate audiences, especially considering the story’s genre as a psychological thriller. The audience will observe Tom’s extremes in his quest to move up the social scale in Ripley Season 1.


Netflix’s highly anticipated series, “Ripley,” adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s Tom Ripley novels, unfolds a thrilling narrative of crime, deception, and murder. The series not only explores themes of crime and deceit but also delves into the intricacies of human relationships, offering a multifaceted and immersive viewing experience. Audiences eagerly await the release of “Ripley” on Netflix, where Andrew Scott’s compelling performance, coupled with the stellar cast, is set to bring Patricia Highsmith’s iconic characters to life in a murder mystery drama that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

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