What’s Next for When Calls the Heart Season 11 Cast Amidst Love and Intrigue?

Everyone was shocked by how Calls the Heart’s season 10 finale played on October 15. The romance between Erin Krakow’s Elizabeth and Chris McNally’s Lucas appeared to be over when we last saw our favorite Hope Valley residents. Elizabeth is unexpectedly drawn to Nathan (Kevin McGarry) as Lucas leaves Hope Valley to begin his political career as a challenger to Governor Balfour (Mark Brandon). Bill (Jack Wagner) sends her a frightening message regarding Lucas as she begins to discover where her true feelings lie. The followers want to know if he would survive this ordeal that he went through while he was apart from her.

As there is a lot to process, fans have been eager to learn if season 11 will air to wrap up some of the drama. For additional information about the cast of When Calls the Heart season 11, continue reading.

When Calls the Heart Season 11 Cast: Who Will Be Joining Them?

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

Thankful to the cast, writers, producers, tireless crew, and Hallmark Channel for their vision and encouragement,” she adds in her statement. “I’m excited for folks to see this season and go on this adventure with us all! More heartfelt cast content ever before may be found in Season 11! Who is most likely to return to the cast of When Calls the Heart season 11 based on what happened in the season 10 finale?

  • Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton
  • Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard
  • Bill Avery as Jack Wagner
  • Nathan Grant as Kevin McGarry
  • Kayla Wallace as Fiona Miller
  • Andrea Brooks as Faith Carter
  • Amanda Wong as Mei Sou
  • Molly Sullivan as Johannah Newmarch
  • Jack Thornton Jr. as Hyland Goodrich

Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

Since her husband’s untimely death, Erin Krakow(Elizabeth) has had to negotiate to raise Toddler Jack (Hyland Goodrich) alone. She’s also got a book out now that she published. She is an American producer and actor. She starred in two Lifetime TV shows: Finding Father Christmas and Army Wives.

Kevin McGarry (Nathan Grant)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller), a bright teenage girl eager to cause mischief, is under the supervision of Hope Valley’s Mountie, Kevin McGarry(Nathan Grant|). Nathan, who is unmarried, is willing to accept love, but from whom?His films Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010), Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris with Love (2015), and Love at First Bark (2017) are among his credits as an actor and director.

Chris McNally (Lucas Bouchard)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

Despite being a world traveler, the owner of the pub appears to have some unanswered secrets. Though Chris McNally( Lucas) is in love with Elizabeth and Little Jack, their engagement may have ended because of his campaign for governor.

Jack Wagner (Bill Avery)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

Now a judge for the community of Hope Valley, Jack Wagner(Avery) was a law enforcement officer and forensic investigator in the past. Though Avery has now made amends, it seems that he wasn’t always following the law. He and Madeline St. John (Stefanie von Pfetten) have been hinting at a potential romance, and Season 11 might reveal more of that.

By the end of Season 9, Bill was suffering from a crippling cough, but by Season 10, he appeared to be doing well. In the upcoming season, will his ailment return?


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Amanda Wong (Mei Suo)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

A man who wanted to treat Mei like a valuable piece of furniture was the reason she rode into town. Although Amanda Wong (Mei Suo) and Nathan were attracted to each other in Season 9, by Season 10’s start, that attraction appeared to have faded. Following that, she was paired with Mike Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum), but she may be involved in a romantic triangle with Harry (Brendan McRae).

Ben Rosenbaum (Mike Hickam)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

Ben Rosenbaum (Hickam) is the average person in Hope Valley. In Season 10, he looked to have a crush on Mei Suo (Amanda Wong), even if he had a thing for Fiona (Kayla Wallace) earlier. After a few seasons of sort of fumbling around, he has shown himself to be a diligent worker and astute businessman.

Kayla Wallace (Fiona Miller)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

To assist in establishing communication channels in Hope Valley, Kayla Wallace (Fiona Miller) traveled to the town on behalf of the telephone company. She opted to remain in the community and acquired the neighborhood barbershop after being abruptly fired.

Faith took over the infirmary and is currently the doctors’ local in Hope Valley after Dr. Shepherd left to study with a renowned physician in Boston. She and Nathan failed to make a relationship work when they began dating early in Season 10. Is romance a part of this season’s documentary? Listening in will have to do!

Johannah Newmarch (Molly Sullivan)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

Season 1’s mine collapse claimed the life of Johannah Newmarch (Molly Sullivan’s husband, one of the town’s widows. Along with being a bit of a gossip, she is best friends with Florence (Loretta Walsh). Following several years away as a nanny, Rosaleen (Mamie Laverock), Molly’s daughter, made a surprise visit back home in the previous season.

Hyland Goodrich (Jack Thornton Jr.)

When Calls the Heart Sets Season 11 Cast

The twins Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor, who were initially chosen to play Baby Jack, were replaced by Goodrich in Season 9. As Jack and Elizabeth’s son, the twins performed for three seasons. Hyland‘s first acting role is this. Hyland Goodrich, a small Canadian from Vancouver, is already leaving a lasting impression on television. Hyland made his TV debut in Season 9 of the popular series “When Calls the Heart” on Hallmark, where he played “Little Jack Thornton”.


The Season 10 finale of “When Calls the Heart” left fans stunned as Elizabeth’s romance with Lucas appeared to end, and a potential love interest in Nathan emerged. As Lucas embarks on a political career, Bill’s ominous message adds a layer of suspense. Fans are eager to know the fate of the characters in Season 11. Get insights into the cast’s potential return and what the future holds for Elizabeth, Nathan, and the residents of Hope Valley.

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