Beastars Season 3 Cast Prediction: Furry Tales and Familiar Faces!

When Netflix acquired the first season of Beastars, a production of Studio Orange, back in March 2020, anime lovers took notice. The show quickly became popular with viewers all around the world because of the tale of the large blue wolf Legoshi and the complexity of a universe full of anthropomorphized animals.

However, fans of Beastars have been waiting eagerly for the third and final part of the story since the conclusion of Beastars season two in March 2021. What is currently known about Beastars season three is as follows.

Expected Cast of Beastars Season 3

expected cast of beastars season 3

Although official casting announcements have not yet been made, we expect to see several familiar faces in Beastars Season 3’s main cast. Jonah Scott, Griffin Puatu, and Lara Jill Miller are probably going to play Legoshi, Louis, and Haru, respectively, in the English dub.

It is also anticipated that the voice performers for the supporting characters, such as Kibi, Jack, and Dom, will be the same. We also have a realistic expectation that more characters will be added, each with a distinct voice, but we are anxiously awaiting official announcements to confirm this.

Beastars Season 3’s anticipated cast consists of:

  • Jonah Scott as Legoshi
  • Griffin Puatu as Louis
  • Lara Jill Miller as Haru
  • Bryce Papenbrook as Kibi
  • Cristina Valenzuela as Sheila
  • Ben Diskin as Jack

The director of the anime’s first two seasons, Shinichi Matsumi, is making a comeback, which is exciting for fans. Returning to create characters is Nao Ootsu, while Nanami Higuchi is writing the screenplay. Beastars Season 3 is expected to be an interesting and skillfully written continuation of the series, especially with this brilliant team returning.

Jonah Scott as Legoshi

expected cast of beastars season 3

The character Legoshi, played by Jonah Scott, is a kind-hearted hero, but because of his towering experience, other animals are afraid of him. Nevertheless, Cherryton Academy students eventually accepted him. He is well-known for his performances as Aiden Caldwell in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Sniper Mask in High-Rise Invasion, and Courier in Akudama Drive.

Griffin Puatu as Louis

expected cast of beastars season 3

Louis, played by eighteen-year-old Griffin Puatu, manipulates a red deer. Despite being a herbivore, he nevertheless longs to be a Beastar. As time passes, he can be seen becoming less cunning and more compassionate toward others.

Lara Jill Miller as Haru

expected cast of beastars season 3

Haru, portrayed by Lara Jill Miller, is a white rabbit who ends up being shunned by society because of his small size. American actress Lara Jill Miller was born on April 20, 1967. She provides the voices of Henry Hugglemonster, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, and Clifford’s Puppy Days, respectively.

Bryce Papenbrook as Kibi

expected cast of beastars season 3

Yuichi Iguchi is the Japanese voice for Season 3, and Bryce Papenbrook is the English dub voice of Kibi in Beastars. American voice actor Bryce Papenbrook was born on February 24. He is known for doing the English voices of many Japanese anime programs, especially those featuring young male leads.

Cristina Valenzuela as Sheila

expected cast of beastars season 3

Cristina Valenzuela, who portrayed Sheila Cristina in the third season of Beastars. American voice actor and singer Danielle Valenzuela, also known by her stage name Cristina Vee, was born in Norwalk, California, on July 11, 1987. She is connected to Bang Zoom! Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment/Crunchyroll, VSI Los Angeles, NYAV Post, SDI Media, and Studiopolis.

Ben Diskin as Jack

Ben Diskin as Jack

The third season of Beastars features Ben Diskin as Jack. Benjamin Diskin, an American actor affiliated with Studiopolis, Bang Zoom!, SDI Media, VSI Los Angeles, and NYAV Post, is also known by his professional name, Ben Diskin.

Beastars Season 3 Renewal

On July 20, 2021, Studio Orange and Netflix made the official announcement of Beastars season 3. New drawings of Legoshi and the other characters by Itagaki were posted on Twitter by both the Studio Orange and Netflix accounts in celebration of the announcement. Beastars’ third season will be animated by Studio Orange, who produced the show’s previous two seasons.


Character highlights include Griffin Puatu as Louis, portraying the transformation of the red deer from cunning to compassionate; Jonah Scott as Legoshi, the kind-hearted hero navigating societal fears; and Lara Jill Miller as Haru, the white rabbit facing societal shunning. The anticipated cast also includes Bryce Papenbrook as Kibi, Cristina Valenzuela as Sheila, and Ben Diskin as Jack, each contributing to the diverse and engaging voice talent of Beastars Season 3. The article concludes by confirming the renewal of Beastars Season 3 by Studio Orange and Netflix.

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