Hold the Dark Ending Explained: A Howl in the Wilderness of Netflix Thrillers

As cunning a thriller as they come, “Hold the Dark” is. In the 2018 Netflix original movie, which is inspired by William Giraldi’s book of the same name, a writer and wolf expert is hired to look into the disappearance of a missing child. However, more vicious secrets are eventually discovered.

“Hold the Dark” is a grueling film that doesn’t hold anything back in providing a terrifying viewing experience. It stars Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgård, James Badge Dale, and Riley Keough, and it is directed by Jeremy Saulnier (“Green Room,” “Blue Ruin”). Anyone who has watched director Jeremy Saulnier’s prior projects, Blue Ruin and Green Room, would recognize the visceral crunches and stylish bleakness of Hold The Dark.

Hold the Dark follows journalist and wildlife expert Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright), who is called by Medora Sloane (Riley Keough), whose son has disappeared from the Alaskan community of Keelut, allegedly at the hands of wolves. As all is going on, Medora’s husband Vernon (Alexander Skarsgård) is causing havoc in Afghanistan until circumstances at home compel him to return. The fate of Bailey (Beckham Crawford), the son of Medora and Vernon, is revealed to us, but this merely raises further concerns as things swiftly get out of hand.

Explaining Hold the Dark Ending

hold the dark ending explained

The movie’s spark sparks When Russell(Jeffrey Wright) discovered that Medora’s son was in the cabin in her own house, he froze to death. Medora had found Russell when he was visiting him naked and wearing the wolf’s mask. Additionally, her husband killed a trapper while wearing the same mask in an attempt to exact revenge. Russell began chasing Vern with the Keelut police chief by his side. This keeps happening when Medora splits off and flees into the marshy area. The Netflix film Hold the Dark review doesn’t finish here since the main action happens at the very end, during the shootout between Russell and the policeman, from which only Russell survives by landing in the hospital. After the unsettling conclusion, Vern and Medora had sex in a hot springs pool.

Do Vern and Medora have wolf-like characteristics?

hold the dark ending explained

Was the purpose of Medora(Riley Keough) and Vern really to be wolves? It is now necessary for us to concentrate on the character conversation. The trapper informed Vern about his father’s remarks about him, stating that he was somewhat unconventional. In addition, Medora repeatedly encountered people who warned Russell that she had a wolf spirit.

In reality, there is a connection between the spiritual realms and the village named Kelut, which is portrayed in a fictional town close to Alaska. Keelut is an evil ghost with beast power from folklore that looks like a hairy hound. The final piece of the puzzle is the town’s name.


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Why didn’t the Wolves kill Russell?

hold the dark ending explained

Given that only the Russell has ever been across wolves and killed them, this may seem strange. He may not have been killed by Wolves because he went to Keelut to assist Medora in finding his son. They were either too frightened or too supportive of him because he had assisted Medora.

Following a great deal of upheaval and confusion, Medora and Vern are shown to possess a wolf-like spirit in the Hold the Dark film. And calling Russell was just to indicate that they were there. the feeling of isolation that permeates the chilly, dark woods. They instilled fear in the entire community. We would much rather you watch the movie because this Hold the Dark Netflix review does not do it justice.


The enigmatic ending of the movie, where Russell confronts Medora and Vernon, reveals peculiar wolf-like characteristics. The discussion delves into the spiritual aspects of the characters, the connection to the folklore surrounding the fictional town of Keelut, and the film’s portrayal of isolation and fear in the Alaskan wilderness. The final note urges readers to experience the full impact of “Hold the Dark” by watching the film, emphasizing that the written review cannot fully capture the chilling and immersive nature of this Netflix thriller.

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