Belgravia Season 2 Cast: Unveiled Fresh Faces and Intriguing Twists!

Julian Fellowes’s novel of the same name was adapted into the period drama Belgravia. Belgravia is a standalone story that follows the path of a family secret from a party in Belgium on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in 1825 to the Belgravia neighborhood in England in the 1840s. However, MGM+ announced in March 2023 that Belgravia will have a sequel series, appropriately named Belgravia: The Next Chapter. Though in a different era, the same universe will be the setting.

“I’m proud of everything that this hardworking group managed to pull together with the first Belgravia series. Julian Fellowes, Executive Producer, stated in a statement, “I am so excited for everyone to come back to Belgravia for this new version, skillfully crafted by Helen Edmundson.” “Old and new fans alike will be swept off their feet with an emotionally engaging story, memorable characters, and brilliant production and costume design.”

We currently know the following about season two:

Belgravia Season 2 Cast

A brand-new cast of characters appears in Belgravia: The Next Chapter, including Edward Bluemel from Persuasion as Dr. Stephen Ellerby, Claude Perron from Emily in Paris as The Marquise D’Étagnac, Elaine Cassidy from A Discovery of Witches as Clara’s lady’s maid Davison, and Harriet Slater from Pennyworth as Clara.

The cast is completed by Sophie Winkleman from Sanditon as the Duchess of Rochester, Hannah Onslow from This Is Going To Hurt as Emily Dunn, Sophie Thompson from Feel Good as Mrs. Dunn, and Toby Regbo from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald as Rev. James Trenchard.

Harriet Slater as Clara Dunn/Clara Trenchard

belgravia season 2 cast

In Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter, Harriet Slater plays Clara Dunn/Clara Trenchard. Dunn, a determined young lady who is about to wed the third Lord Trenchard, is a newcomer to Belgravia. Their bond is put to the test, though, when family secrets come to light.

On their first meeting, Frederick is drawn to Clara’s singing after she arrives from London. Romance then begins to develop. The role that made Slater most famous was that of Sandra Onslow in Pennyworth. All Creatures Great and Small and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny both featured the actress.

Ben Wainwright as Fenton Trenchard 

belgravia season 2 cast

After his grandfather’s passing, Ben Wainwright portrays Frederick Trenchard, the third Lord Trenchard, who establishes a prosperous commercial empire in Belgravia. Frederick’s love for Clara is in jeopardy because of his horrific past, and they will need to cooperate to beat the odds.

He is the child of John Bellasis (Adam James) and Susan (Alice Eve) from their relationship in Season 1. Wainwright had several noteworthy roles, such as Randy in World of Fire, Rory in The Split, and Raphael in Gangs of London.

Edward Bluemel as Dr. Stephen Ellerby

belgravia season 2 cast

After only a brief encounter, Clara warms to the mysterious Dr. Stephen Ellerby (Edward Bluemel). In Season 2 of Belgravia, Ellerby looks after Peter, the epileptic son of the Duke of Rochester. In addition, he is the one who is called in to help Clara recover from her fall down the stairs. Bluemel has appeared in Persuasion, Safe Word, and The Commuter.

Toby Regbo as Reverend James Trenchard

belgravia season 2 cast

Frederick’s brother, Reverend James Trenchard, is a priest and is played by Toby Regbo. Frederick and James are no longer on good terms and have become distant. To the amazement of his family, James nevertheless gives Frederick a wedding present. James makes every effort to repair his relationship with his brother in the first episode.

Regbo is most known to Harry Potter fans for his portrayal of a youthful Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In Mr. Nobody, Treasure Island, and One Day, the actor made more appearances.

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Hannah Onslow as Emily Dunn

belgravia season 2 cast

Emily Dunn, played by Hannah Onslow, is a cast member of The Next Chapter. The older sister of Clara, Emily, is a little envious of her sister because she is getting married while she is not. Additionally, she shields Clara since she thinks Frederick will only cause harm to her.

In her desperation to find love, Emily finds herself drawn to James Trenchard, Frederick’s brother. Ridley Road, The Doll Factory, Empire of Light, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and other significant films are among Onslow’s credits.

Sophie Thompson as Mrs. Dunn

belgravia season 2 cast

The devoted mother of Clara, Emily, and Frederick Trenchard, Sophie Thompson, is pleased that her younger daughter is getting married. Because she wants to benefit from her new husband’s fortune, Mrs. Dunn can be rather demanding with Clara.

Mrs. Dunn is also embarrassingly verbose in their initial exchange with Frederick. Thompson’s performances in Eat Pray Love, Emma, Gosford Park, and Four Weddings and a Funeral are well-known.

Richard Goulding as Oliver Trenchard

belgravia season 2 cast

Frederick was raised by Oliver Trenchard, a father figure who knew Frederick’s real past but treated him like his own. Richard Goulding portrays the character on screen. But Frederick’s youth is not without its difficulties, as the flashbacks in Episode 1 show that Oliver ridiculed and mistreated the tiny boy all of his life.

With almost 25 credits, Goulding is known for her parts in Wicked Little Letters, The Windsors, and Me Before You.

Claude Perron as Marquise D’Étagnac

belgravia season 2 cast

As Marquise D’Étagnac, Claude Perron joins the Season 2 cast. Arriving in Belgravia to present Frederick Trenchard with numerous business chances is the affluent French businesswoman Marquise D’Étagnac.

In the first episode, the argument between Frederick and Marquise is what starts the altercation between him and Clara. Clara leaves the celebration when Frederick humiliates her in front of the guests. The most well-known roles that Perron has had are in Workingirls, Bernie, and Big Bug.

Sophie Winkleman as Duchess of Rochester

belgravia season 2 cast

Sophie Winkleman is in Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter as the Duchess of Rochester. The Duchess of Rochester will go to any lengths to shield her son from harm because she fears that the public will learn about her son’s secret and her epilepsy.

It is also her fault for bringing Frederick and Clara together. Recently, Winkleman starred in Timothee Chalamet’s Wonka as The Countess. The actress has appeared in Suzie Gold’s films, Peep Show, and Sanditon.

Elaine Cassidy as Davison

belgravia season 2 cast

Davison, Clara’s lady maid and best companion through thick and thin, is portrayed by Elaine Cassidy. A past relationship between Davison and Mr. Fletcher, the valet for the Trenchard family, is alluded to in Episode 1.

It is unclear whether this sinister, enigmatic relationship will pave the way for a possible betrayal. Cassidy has appeared in Felicia’s Journey, The Wonder, and Disco Pigs.

Alice Eve as Susan Trenchard

belgravia season 2 cast

In Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter, Alice Eve plays Susan Trenchard again. Frederick Trenchard is born as a result of Susan’s affair with John Bellasis when she is Oliver’s wife.

Susan makes appearances in flashbacks that recount Frederick’s difficult upbringing. Eve is most known to Marvel fans for her portrayal of Mary Walker in Iron Fist. In addition, the actress starred in Men in Black 3, She’s Out of My League, and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Horan Gerard as Enright

belgravia season 2 cast

As Enright, the devoted butler of the Trenchard household, Gerard Horan plays him. He’s familiar with the family’s past, including its darkest secrets. In the first episode, Enright finds out that James sent Frederick a gift for his wedding.

This doesn’t appear to amuse him because he thinks it will be sufficient to mend their strained brotherhood. Horan made appearances in Frankenstein, The Singing Detective, and Beauty and the Beast.

Liam Garrigan as Mr. Fletcher

belgravia season 2 cast

The valet for the Trenchard family is Mr. Fletcher. Actor Liam Garrigan portrays the role. Throughout Episode 1, the character attempts to conceal a troubled past with Mr. Davison, but it appears that the revelation of this information is inevitable. Garrigan is well-known for his parts in Cherry, The Legend of Hercules, and Transformers: The Last Knight.


The new installment introduces a fresh cast of characters in a different era but within the same universe. Notable additions include Edward Bluemel, Claude Perron, Elaine Cassidy, and Harriet Slater. Harriet Slater takes on the role of Clara Dunn/Clara Trenchard, a determined young lady facing challenges as family secrets resurface. The cast, including Toby Regbo, Sophie Thompson, and Alice Eve, contributes to the continuation of the captivating saga. As the series unfolds, viewers can expect a blend of romance, drama, and suspense, ensuring a compelling narrative in “Belgravia: The Next Chapter.”

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