Sonic Prime Season 3 Review: A Rollercoaster of Battles, Drama, and Missed Opportunities!

The popular quick hedgehog made its streaming video debut on Netflix with Sonic Prime, which debuted in December 2021. Sonic’s exploits around the multiverse were mapped out in the first two seasons, following his world being fractured by a run-in with the potent Paradox Prism. We got to know weird clones of Sonic’s video game friends as well as an enigmatic new ally called Nine. Their goal is to locate the Chaos Emeralds and restore time and space before they unravel.

After feeling betrayed, Nine breaks off his connection with Sonic and takes possession of the Prism at the beginning of Season 3. Sick with resentment, Nine makes the ultimate sacrifice to create the ideal world for himself by using Prism’s reality-warping abilities to the fullest. Sonic’s greatest enemy, Dr. Eggman, created and designed by Naoto Ohshima appears in parallel universes as part of an unexpected coalition that gathers to try and thwart Nine’s ambition for supremacy. Can their united force, however, defeat a Nine who is prepared to stake out the whole multiverse to achieve his goal? As Sonic rushes towards the conclusion of his adventure, the last battle promises heart-pounding action.

Season 3 must produce an exciting and gratifying climax for fans of Sonic Prime, given the story’s driving forces of high stakes and emotional turmoil. Does it cross first place at the finish line? Grasp some chili dogs and allow

Sonic Prime Season 3 Review

sonic prime season 3 review

With Sonic Prime’s second season, that was undoubtedly the case. There were many times when the fighting seemed monotonous and forced, but even with that, it was still excellent because of how much focus was placed on Sonic’s developing maturity. The heroes would charge into combat against the same adversaries time and time again, only to lose in the same way each time. Everything got boring quickly, and this season’s problem is far worse because the entire seven-episode arc is dominated by almost nonstop fighting that seems to have a predetermined conclusion.

At least, it’s an exciting beginning. Tension between Sonic Prime’s many factions is building to an all-time high as boundaries are drawn in the sand and transient alliances are formed. Then the conflict starts: Entire worlds appear to be destroyed, giant machines are destroyed, and heroes are thrown into chasms. There are moments when it seems like there is no hope left and other times when it looks like the heroes will prevail.

That’s when the tide turns repeatedly when someone finds a new power, implements a new strategy, or calls in reinforcements. Because so little of what happens in a given 25-minute episode seems to genuinely matter, the ensuing impasse brings the story of season 3 to a grinding standstill. What could have been a thrilling showdown to decide the fate of the Shatterverse ends up being laborious and, at times, dull affair.

Sonic Prime’s Incomplete Closure and Character Arcs

sonic prime season 3 review

The season appears to recognize this problem in a handful of the fighting scenes. In “Home Sick Home,” Sonic once decides to listen to his buddies rather than take off for combat. Eventually, they put a plan into action that calls for patience from him. It’s implied that Sonic has learned from his previous mistakes, but when the fighting cycle recurs an episode later, that idea is destroyed.

If Sonic Prime had a slightly better ending, this wouldn’t be half as horrible. Of course, there are some touching scenes, and by the time the credits roll, almost all of the unresolved disputes have been settled. The final episode doesn’t offer a complete sense of closure, which is the main issue with this as the conclusion of a three-party drama. A few of Prime’s characters leave much too much on the table.

The quick exchanges that take place before everything is resolved also seem hurried; crucial discussions aren’t even given a chance to settle before a fresh danger arises. When Sonic is seen charging into battle at the end of the season, nodding and winking about some adventure that doesn’t appear likely to happen, it’s difficult to say if he truly learned his lesson.


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Sonic and Nine’s Drama Amidst Endless Fights

sonic prime season 3 review

Despite being very lackluster when compared to previous seasons, this one does contain some positive aspects. The ensemble as a whole continues to deliver fantastic performances, and seeing all the character variations on screen at once is a joy. The animation is still fantastic, and some of the early battles are entertaining to watch. Nevertheless, this season shines when it centers on Sonic’s maturation process. Mack is invaluable in demonstrating Sonic’s maturation, as he consistently does. Mack’s speech conveys the sense of humiliation Sonic feels upon realizing that his situation is all his own doing.

Especially when Mack is paired with Ashleigh Ball, who effectively humanizes Sonic’s distant and frequently mistrustful buddy Nine, this is particularly evident. Bell’s outstanding performance serves as an emotional anchor for this season, as the fear of destruction is sometimes overshadowed by stagnation. Even if the never-ending fighting gets old, we can always count on Sonic and Nine’s drama to keep things interesting.


While the third season of Sonic Prime on Netflix concludes with a dignified seven episodes, some viewers may be wondering if the massive streaming service would order additional stories. With its drawn-out, repetitive confrontations that are more boring than thrilling, Sonic Prime’s third season is almost destroyed by stagnation.

Furthermore, the season finale lacks the resolution and conclusion fans anticipated from what started as a fantastic Sonic series, and it concludes in a hurried and unsatisfying manner. Still, there are certain admirable qualities. Sonic Prime will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest animated series to use Sega’s speedy mascot, even though this season struggles to maintain viewer interest throughout.

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