Skymed Season 2 Cast: Dive Into the Drama with These Faces

Welcome back to the thrilling world of Skymed! Season 2 promises to elevate your entertainment experience with a stellar cast that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Returning with a blend of heart-pounding drama, intense emotions, and jaw-dropping twists, the Skymed Season 2 cast brings together a dynamic ensemble of talented actors ready to take you on an unforgettable journey. Get ready for new characters, unexpected alliances, and a rollercoaster of emotions as Skymed Season 2 unfolds, delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience that will keep you hooked from the very first episode.

Skymed Season 2 Cast: A Closer Look at The Stars

skymed season 2 cast

As SkyMed Season 2 takes flight, the excitement soars with the addition of three dynamic new regulars to the cast. Sydney Kuhne, known for her previous role in Ginny & Georgia, joins as Stef, injecting fresh energy into the medical narrative. Ryan Ali steps into the series as Reese, bringing his unique talents to the ensemble. Nadine Whiteman-Roden assumes the role of Dr. Yana Noah, adding depth and expertise to the team. With these compelling additions, the SkyMed cast continues to evolve, promising viewers an enthralling blend of familiar faces and intriguing newcomers in the upcoming medical adventures.

  • Natasha Calis – Nurse Hayley Roberts
  • Morgan Holmstrom – Crystal Highway
  • Praneet Akilla – Jay Chopper
  • Aason ‘Ace’ Nadjiwon – Captain Austen Bodie
  • Mercedes Morris – Lexi Martine
  • Thomas Elms – Captain Milosz Nowak
  • Kheon Clarke – Tristan Green
  • Rebecca Kwan – Emma Lin
  • Braeden Clarke – Jeremy Wood
  • Emilia McCarthy – Madison Van Camp
  • Patrick Kwok-Choon – Dr. Trevor Sung
  • Jeff Teravainen – Chief Pilot Pierce
  • Aaron Ashmore – Captain William “Wheezer” Heaseman

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Natasha Calis as Hayley: A Determined Newcomer

skymed season 2 cast

SkyMed introduces a fresh face to the team with Natasha Calis stepping into the role of Hayley. Portraying a nurse determined to overcome a significant health challenge, Calis’s portrayal promises to add depth and resilience to the character. Hayley’s tenacity to pursue her goals at Thompson and SkyMed, despite personal struggles, sets the stage for a character arc that is both inspiring and relatable.

Morgan Holmstrom as Crystal: Bridging Heritage and Healing

skymed season 2 cast

Morgan Holmstrom takes on the role of Crystal, a nurse within the SkyMed team who aspires to become a nurse practitioner. Crystal’s character is not only defined by her professional goals but also by her connection to her indigenous heritage. The series explores how her role at SkyMed allows her to pay homage to her roots while making a meaningful impact on the community she serves.

Aason Nadjiwan as Bodie: A Pilot with Ambitions

skymed season 2 cast

Aason Nadjiwan brings Bodie to life, a SkyMed pilot with dreams of transitioning to commercial flying. Bodie’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he forms a connection with Hayley, showcasing the intricate web of relationships that define Skymed Season 2.

Kheon Clarke as Tristan: The Optimistic Team Player

skymed season 2 cast

Kheon Clarke steps into the role of Tristan, a rare SkyMed nurse who treats Hayley with kindness. His optimistic and pleasant demeanor, coupled with his dedication to teamwork, adds a refreshing dynamic to the series. Tristan’s quest to find the best in everyone he encounters promises to bring positive energy to the SkyMed team.

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Praneet Akilla as Chopper: Loyalty in the Skies

skymed season 2 cast

Praneet Akilla takes on the role of Chopper, one of the SkyMed pilots with a soft spot for Hayley. Despite the challenges presented by Bodie’s decisions, Chopper remains a steadfast friend and supporter. The complexity of friendships within the team adds an intriguing layer to the series.

Mercedes Morris as Lexi: Diligence, Resilience, and Equity

skymed season 2 cast

Mercedes Morris embodies Lexi, a pilot who exemplifies diligence, resilience, and a commitment to equity. Lexi’s promotion and close relationship with fellow pilot Nowak hint at the evolving dynamics within the SkyMed team, promising viewers a closer look at the challenges and triumphs faced by its members.

Thomas Elms as Nowak: Pilot with Interpersonal Struggles

skymed season 2 cast

Thomas Elms portrays Nowak, a SkyMed pilot who appears to have difficulties getting along with some team members. Nowak’s dynamic with other characters, particularly Bodie, adds an element of tension to the series, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Aaron Ashmore as Wheezer: A Seasoned SkyMed Leader

skymed season 2 cast

Aaron Ashmore takes on the role of Wheezer, one of the most senior SkyMed pilots and a leader within the series. As a key figure in the paramedic team, Wheezer’s character is sure to bring a sense of authority and experience to the unfolding drama.

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Emilia McCarthy as Madison: Complicated Connections

skymed season 2 cast

Emilia McCarthy plays Madison, Bodie’s ex-girlfriend with whom he shares a complex relationship due to an unexpected pregnancy. The exploration of their past and present dynamics promises to add layers to the character-driven narrative of Skymed Season 2.


SkyMed Season 2 welcomes viewers back with a riveting cast, blending familiar faces with dynamic newcomers. Natasha Calis shines as Nurse Hayley, overcoming personal challenges, while Morgan Holmstrom’s Crystal bridges heritage and healing. Aason Nadjiwan’s Bodie navigates ambitions, and Kheon Clarke’s Tristan brings optimism to the team. Praneet Akilla’s Chopper and Mercedes Morris’ Lexi add loyalty and diligence, while Thomas Elms’ Nowak brings interpersonal struggles. Aaron Ashmore leads as the seasoned Wheezer, ensuring a compelling mix of drama, emotions, and unexpected alliances in the high-stakes world of SkyMed. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride in Season 2!


Is SkyMed over?

The Canadian medical drama television series SkyMed made its CBC Television premiere on July 10, 2022. The second season of the show, which focuses on the nurses and pilots working in Manitoba’s far-flung northern regions as part of an air ambulance service, debuted in October 2023.

Is SkyMed based on a true story?

The creator of SkyMed, which debuted in July, took inspiration from his family’s own experiences working in Thompson. Thompson is presented in the series in a somewhat more sophisticated and seductive way, and it provides the setting for a new CBC drama that explores the complicated emotional and professional lives of medevac pilots and other medical personnel.

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