The Chosen Season 4 Cast: Unveiling the Drama Series Spiritual Narratives!

A multi-season Christian historical drama series, The Chosen is based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The most important events in Jesus’ life, including healing from the sick and his ability to walk on water, will be covered in the series. To guarantee that the show is funded and produced, The Chosen has also depended on crowdsourcing. Due to its widespread appeal, it has become the most prosperous crowdfunded television program to date. Take a look at the actors and characters that are bringing this biblical series to life as we get closer to the show’s fourth season.

The Chosen Season 4 Cast

Netflix is officially streaming The Chosen’s first season. Jesus is portrayed by Jonathan Roumie. Shahar Isaac, Paras Patel, Noah James, Elizabeth Tabish, and George H. Xanthis are also in the cast. The Chosen season 4 is anticipated to include a few new cast members and characters.

Jonathan Roumie as Jesus

the chosen season 4 cast

Playing Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah and Son of God, was a monumental task for Jonathan Roumie. Roumie has acknowledged that he frequently finds the obligation of playing such a significant individual to be overwhelming. He is ideal for the part, though, because of his humility. He has also said that God delivered him from the darkest hour of his life.

American actor Roumie was born in 1974 to parents who were of Egyptian and Irish descent. He became well-known for playing Jesus in The Chosen, but he has also played Monte in episodes of popular TV series including Castle and The Good Wife.

Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdelene

the chosen season 4 cast

One of Jesus’ most significant followers, Elizabeth Tabish is Mary Magdalene, assisting in his ministry. Following a series of horrifying experiences, the most terrible of which was being possessed by demons under the name “Lilith,” she ultimately attempted suicide. In the end, she was saved by Jesus, and she decided to follow him after that. For her part in The Chosen, Tabish is most known. We do know that she is married to actor Stan Mayer, despite her reputation for withholding information from the press.

Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter

the chosen season 4 cast

One of Jesus’ twelve disciples, Simon Peter, is portrayed by Shahar Isaac. Once a fisherman, he is now battling to pay off debts that endanger both his life and the lives of people close to him. Simon, who was also known by both names Peter, was frequently contemptuous of all religions.

That is until he has a remarkable meeting with the Messiah, which leads him to accept Jesus as his master. Shahar Isaac started acting in 2015, and The Chosen helped him soar to stardom. His television appearances include Person of Interest and Madam Secretary.

Joey Vahedi as Thomas

the chosen season 4 cast

Caterer Thomas went on to become one of Jesus’ disciples. He would work in the family business after his father passed away prematurely, and at a young age, he would be compelled to inherit it. The taxes imposed by the Romans would be difficult for him to pay, but he excelled in his trade and made many valuable connections with other traders and businesspeople. When Thomas fills the jars with water at the wedding in Cana, Jesus transforms it into wine miraculously, and Thomas realizes that Jesus is the Messiah as a result of this deed.

Joey Vahedi has performed in several films already. Among them is a 2019 cameo as Kid George in Lucifer, who gets into a lot of trouble.

Barrigas Yoshi as Philip

the chosen season 4 cast

One of Jesus’s twelve disciples, Philip had previously studied with itinerant preacher John the Baptist. After being baptized by John, he would accompany the prophet in the wilderness, frequently going days without food. He was close friends with another disciple named Nathanael, who would be presented momentarily.

Philip was there when John baptized Jesus, his cousin, and he saw the preacher bear evidence that Jesus was the Son of God. He would see that Jesus was the Messiah right away if he trusted John.

Alaa Safi as Simon Z

the chosen season 4 cast

One of Jesus’ twelve followers was Simon Z, often known as Simon the Zealot. His hatred for the Romans deepened as a result of the horrors he saw them do when he was younger. After enlisting in the Zealot order and receiving military training, he was assigned the duty of killing a Roman magistrate. Because he disregarded his brother’s advice and did not accomplish this, Simon was expelled from the order.

When the Messiah delivers him from an attacking demoniac, that is when he first encounters Jesus. He would frequently assume the position of camp guardian. French actor Alaa Safi has received numerous awards and has shared the stage with well-known Hollywood stars.

Austin Reed Alleman as Nathanael

the chosen season 4 cast

One of the twelve disciples of Jesus was an architect from Caesarea named Nathanael. He was resolved to build wonderful structures because he felt it was God’s plan for him to do so. He attempted to put his goals of building structures aside, nevertheless, as he struggled to obtain the work due to his non-Roman heritage. He would be found and introduced to the Messiah by his close friend Philip.

He was persuaded to follow Jesus as a teacher by his impression of him and the impression that he had of Nathanael. In addition to his recurring role as Nathanael in The Chosen, Austin Reed Alleman had notable appearances in several episodes of Mr. Robot and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


The Chosen Season 4 Cast: Unveiling the Drama Series Spiritual Narratives!

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Paras Patel as Matthew

the chosen season 4 cast

Formerly employed as a tax collector, Matthew is one of Jesus’ other disciples. Matthew was not well-liked by the people of Capernaum when he became wealthy from the extra taxes he levied on citizens and from eavesdropping on other debtors. After witnessing the fish miracle with numerous others, Matthew begins to doubt his morality; other miracles serve to confirm his newfound beliefs.

The most well-known role of American-born Paras Patel is that of Matthew in the film The Chosen. Also, the young actor played Kendall in the TV show Nashville.

George Xanthis as John

the chosen season 4 cast

Like Simon, John was formerly a fisherman and is one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. John was a competent fisherman, even though he was among the youngest guys in his field. He was present when Jesus worked the miracle of the fish, making many appear when there didn’t seem to be enough. After realizing he was the Messiah, John decided to obey the preacher.

He was also witness to several other miracles, most notably the one in which Jesus changed water into wine. The TV show Syd2030, which ran for 11 episodes from 2014 to 2015, was produced by George Xanthis.

Luke Dimyan as Judas Iscariot

the chosen season 4 cast

Judas is a name that requires minimal introduction because it connotes treachery. Judas Iscariot would ultimately be the one of the twelve to betray his teacher Jesus out of avarice and subsequently carry out the ultimate sin in God’s eyes. Judas was a former business apprentice who had high hopes for himself and believed that significant events were remembered throughout history before he met Jesus. In the upcoming seasons of The Chosen, the tragedy of this man will be explored in great detail. Luke Dimyan played Zeb Miller in the streaming series Home Invasion in the past.

Abe Martell as Big James

the chosen season 4 cast

One of Jesus’s disciples was Big James, also known as James “The Great.” He had been a fisherman before coming to see the Messiah, just like a few of the other disciples. In his dreams, he saw the Messiah defeating the Romans and practicing with a wooden sword, eager for the day when the Jewish people would be set free from their captors. He taught John how to fish and witnessed the miracle where Jesus created an abundance of fish.

He was brothers with John. He would follow Jesus with his father’s approval and end up being the first of the twelve disciples to be martyred. Abe Martell was up in El Paso, Texas, and began performing in films in both Spanish and English when he was a teenager.

Noah James as Andrew

the chosen season 4 cast

Simon’s younger brother Andrew was one of the fishermen who followed Jesus as a disciple. He would frequently criticize his brother Simon’s actions before meeting Jesus and would always caution him against making any bargains with the Romans. Andrew was going to follow in the footsteps of his brother and fellow fishermen and become, as Jesus said, “fishers of men.” Though he has appeared in the TV shows Game Shakers in 2019 and Shameless in 2020, Noah James is most renowned for his role as Andrew in The Chosen.

Giavani Cairo as Thaddeus

the chosen season 4 cast

One of the twelve followers of Jesus was Thaddeus, a stonemason. Before he met Jesus, he spent many years honing his skills. When Thaddeus first met, he was constructing a wall, and the words of the Son of God had a profound effect on him. Jesus said he would establish a kingdom and a stronghold that would last longer than a stone, and the man decided to follow him.

Together, they would see all of that transpire once he persuaded James, his friend, to follow Jesus. Giavani Cairo previously appeared in Doom Patrol and 9-1-1: Lone Star, but this is his first role as a regular on the show as Thaddeus.


The Chosen Season 4 is led by Jonathan Roumie’s stirring portrayal of Jesus, the cast comprises exceptional talents like Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene and Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter. Each actor embodies their character with depth and resonance, depicting the disciples’ transformative encounters with Jesus. Notable additions to Season 4 include Joey Vahedi as Thomas, Barrigas Yoshi as Philip, and Alaa Safi as Simon Z, enriching the series with their performances.

From the struggles of Simon Peter to the inner conflicts of Matthew, the character dynamics promise a nuanced exploration of faith and human complexities. With a stellar ensemble, “The Chosen” Season 4 continues its journey, delving deeper into the disciples’ relationships with Jesus and the challenges they face in embracing their faith amidst a changing world.

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