Echo Cast Marvel Season 1: A Spectacular Journey Into the Marvel Universe

Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe no longer has the same solid foundation, Echo has given fans a taste of the gritty Netflix years the studio enjoyed. As a spin-off/sequel to 2021’s Hawkeye, the new Disney Plus series picks up with Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) and her despised father figure Wilson Fisk, or Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio).

In retaliation for Kingpin’s part in her biological father’s demise, Echo shot him in the eye when we last saw them, but he somehow survived the attack. Here, we’ll discover more about their nuanced relationship and catch a peek at Echo’s future, as director Sydney Freeland hinted that she might not completely abandon her evil past.

Echo Cast: Full List of Actors and Characters:

  • Alaqua Cox plays Maya Lopez/Echo
  • Vincent D’Onofrio plays Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
  • Charlie Cox plays Matt Murdock/Daredevil
  • Chaske Spencer plays Henry
  • Tantoo Cardinal plays Chula
  • Devery Jacobs plays Bonnie
  • Zahn McClarnon plays William Lopez

Alaqua Cox Plays Maya Lopez

echo cast marvel season 1

Wilson Fisk, often known as Kingpin, is a mob boss who was previously set to inherit his illicit empire. Maya is his adopted daughter. But when it became out that he had planned to kill William, her biological father, she turned against him. Echo shot Kingpin in a New York alleyway when she was last seen (in Hawkeye, 2021). However, Kingpin survived the attempted assassination.

“The question was just how gritty can we go?” director Sydney Freeland said of Maya in an interview with To what extent are we rooted? The fact that Maya Lopez was a villain in Hawkeye was also one of its most intriguing aspects, and it was this that drew me in to the project.

“When we discussed the character in talks with Marvel, their reaction was, ‘Let’s explore that further and see how far we can go down that rabbit hole.'” As the series progresses, Maya Lopez truly becomes a villain. However, she is not intended to become Captain America. No, no, no. That actually seems a little boring to me.

“We had the opportunity to investigate all of those. Additionally, because it feels a little risky, it’s a really entertaining place to be.”

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Vincent D’onofrio Plays Wilson Fisk/ Kingpin

echo cast marvel season 1

A well-known antagonist in the Marvel Universe, Kingpin frequently faces off against the “street-level” heroes published by the company. Some, but not all, of the continuity from his part in Netflix’s now-canceled Daredevil series, is incorporated into this rendition of the character. There, he developed into Matt Murdock, a lawyer turned vigilante (also known as Daredevil), the greatest adversary. But this series will focus on his bond with Maya Lopez, his adopted daughter.

A significant plot involving Kingpin is established in Echo’s mid-credits segment for his upcoming MCU appearance in Daredevil: Born Again.

Charlie Cox Plays Matt Murdock / Daredevil

Due to a strange event that left Matt Murdock blind as a child, he developed extraordinary senses in other areas. Matt spent his childhood learning how to fight and now dedicates his life to fighting for justice for those that society has abandoned. During the day, he is a lawyer, and at night, he is a vigilante. This latest iteration of the character will display elements of his previous She-Hulk guest appearance, as well as elements from the now-canceled Netflix series, such as his feud with Kingpin.

“I think one of the great things about being in the MCU is that you’re in the MCU,” director Brian Freeland stated in an interview with when asked why bringing back Daredevil was so crucial.

“We always knew that we were going to explore a different side or a different corner than we’ve seen in other movies or television shows, but one of the things we wanted to explore was making sure that Maya Lopez was firmly established in the MCU and that people understood that she was a badass who existed in this universe.

Chaske Spencer Plays Henry

echo cast marvel season 1

As Henry Black Crow Lopez, Maya’s uncle and a prominent member of Fisk Shipping in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Chaske Spencer makes his MCU debut.

When Maya gets back home, Henry becomes one of her father figures. Considering that Maya’s plans to exact revenge on Fisk would endanger the village, he is first concerned.

Fans of Twilight might be familiar with Spencer from his portrayal of Sam Uley. In addition, the actor starred in Jessica Jones as Jace Montero and The English.

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Tantoo Cardinal Plays Chula

echo cast marvel season 1

Maya’s grandmother, Chula of Tantoo Cardinal, is a well-respected Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma member.

Chula harbors resentment at Maya when her mother passes away and holds her responsible for her daughter’s death. Chula also thinks that Maya’s presence in the town would complicate matters for the formerly tranquil area.

After starring together in Wind River, Cardinal gets back together with Graham Greene. In addition, the actress makes appearances in Killers of the Flower Moon, Legends of the Fall, and Shouting Secrets.

Devery Jacobs Plays Bonnie

echo cast marvel season 1

Devery Jacobs plays Bonnie, Maya’s cousin, in Echo.

Maya and Bonnie were close as children; in fact, Maya told Bonnie that they were sisters rather than merely cousins. But they drifted apart following Maya’s mother’s passing.

Echo is Jacobs’ second appearance in the MCU; in What If…? Season 2, she voiced Kahhori. In addition, the actress starred in Backspot, The Order, and Reservation Dogs.

Zahn Mc Clarnon Plays William Lopez

echo cast marvel season 1

Zahn McClarnon’s William Lopez, Maya’s father, is making a comeback to the MCU.

William is given additional scenes in Echo that take place during Maya’s early years, just before his untimely death at the hands of Ronin.

McClarnon’s parts in Reservation Dogs, Dark Winds, and Older than America are well-known.

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