Dubai Hustle Season 3 Cast and Their Riveting Real Estate Ventures

A compelling story takes place in the glittering cityscape of Dubai, where the sun creates a golden shine on tall skyscrapers. Dubai Hustle is more than a TV show; it’s a high-stakes expedition into the glamorous real estate market where young British people compete for dominance. In this world, each day is a struggle, each transaction a conflict, and each accomplishment brings one step closer to the ideal. Unquestionably, the city possesses an attractiveness due to its wealth and rivalry, which offer enormous rewards to those who are resilient enough to persevere.

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Dubai Hustle Season 3 Cast

If you’re curious about the bustling real estate scene in the UAE, your search ends here. ‘Dubai Hustle’ captures the highs and lows of the real estate business, including glimpses into some of Dubai’s most luxurious properties. It follows ambitious young real estate agents in the metropolis, all striving for success.
The show features a diverse group of young and ambitious real estate agents, each bringing their unique flair to the high-stakes world of UAE real estate.

dubai hustle season 3 cast
  • Adam Kumar: A determined broker with an eye for lucrative deals.
  • Jake Matthews-Hubbard: Partnering with Adam.
  • Chris lock: Under scrutiny yet undeterred.
  • Natasha Gorji: Fierce and unyielding.
  • Eddie Haley: The new player in town.

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Adam Kumar: A Determined Broker with an Eye for Lucrative Deals

At the helm of the Dubai Hustle Season 3 cast is Adam, a seasoned broker with a reputation for sealing the most lucrative deals in the business. With a razor-sharp mind and an unyielding determination, Adam is not one to back down from a challenge. Viewers can expect a rollercoaster ride as Adam navigates the cutthroat world of high-stakes real estate, where every move could make or break a deal. His eye for detail and strategic thinking make him a force to be reckoned with, and fans are eagerly anticipating the twists and turns that will undoubtedly come with his character arc.

Jake Matthews-Hubbard: Partnering with Adam

Enter Jake, Adam’s trusted partner in crime. Their dynamic duo is set to redefine the meaning of teamwork in the world of Dubai’s bustling real estate market. Jake’s wit and charm complement Adam’s determination, creating a synergy that could prove unbeatable. As the two navigate the complex web of negotiations and rivalries, viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions – from laughter to tension – as Jake adds his unique touch to the unfolding drama. Together, Adam and Jake promise to be the driving force behind the success of Dubai Hustle Season 3.

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Chris Lock: Under Scrutiny Yet Undeterred

No reality show is complete without an underdog, and Chris fills that role in Dubai Hustle Season 3. Under scrutiny for past deals gone awry, Chris is undeterred and ready to prove himself in the competitive world of Dubai’s real estate. Will he rise above the challenges and redeem himself, or will the scrutiny prove too much to handle? Viewers are sure to be on the edge of their seats as Chris battles his demons and strives for success against all odds. His journey promises to be a compelling narrative woven into the broader tapestry of Dubai Hustle Season 3.

Natasha Gorji: Fierce and Unyielding

Natasha stands tall as a formidable force in a world dominated by men. Fierce and unyielding, she challenges the status quo and aims for the pinnacle of success in Dubai’s real estate game. Natasha’s no-nonsense attitude and unapologetic approach set the stage for intense confrontations and unexpected alliances. As she navigates the challenges of a male-dominated industry, viewers can expect a character who not only breaks barriers but also commands respect and admiration. Natasha’s journey promises to celebrate empowerment and resilience, making her a standout character in Dubai Hustle Season 3.

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Eddie Haley: The New Player in Town

Every season needs a wildcard, and Eddie steps into that role as the new player in Dubai’s real estate arena. With an air of mystery surrounding him, Eddie brings an element of unpredictability to the show. Will he be the game-changer everyone underestimates, or is he destined to be a mere spectator in the high-stakes world of Dubai Hustle? His arrival injects a fresh energy into the narrative, leaving viewers eager to unravel the secrets and motivations behind Eddie’s character.


Dubai Hustle Season 3 takes viewers on a high-stakes journey through the city’s glamorous real estate market. The cast, led by determined broker Adam and his partner Jake, promises a rollercoaster of drama. With characters like Natasha challenging norms and Eddie adding mystery, the series captivates with its relentless competition and luxurious backdrop.

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