Waterloo Road Season 12 Cast: Exciting Faces Joining the Season of School Drama!

The school drama Waterloo Road, which seemed to be ending in 2015, came back to our screens in January. Season 12 has officially started running on BBC One, and all seven of the new episodes are accessible on BBC iPlayer. Both new and familiar faces can be seen in this season. Adam Thomas reprises his role as Donte Charles, who is currently grieving after Chlo’s unexpected death, while Angela Griffin, who played Kim Campbell in the first run, is back as a headmaster.

In addition, Jamie Glover, who previously hinted at a romance between his character and Kim, is returning to the role of Andrew Treneman, the former headteacher and Kim’s romantic partner. Glover clarified, saying, “I believe Kim is the most significant individual in Andrew’s life. There’s been a hesitation to reconnect with her due to their past; perhaps it’s too difficult for them both to bring things up. However, the pull will always exist in the end.”

Paul Bazely (Benidorm, Black Mirror, Cruella) and Jenny Platt (Coronation Street, The Bay) are among the new cast members joining the 12th season as parents of students. Olwen May (Coronation Street, Happy Valley, Emmerdale) and James Quinn (Early Doors, Coronation Street) are also expected to make an appearance at the school.

Waterloo Road 2023 Cast: Meet the Old and New Characters

In the highly anticipated 2023 season of Waterloo Road, viewers can look forward to a dynamic mix of familiar faces and intriguing newcomers. Returning favorites bring their seasoned expertise to the forefront, weaving the rich tapestry of the school’s ever-evolving narrative.

Meanwhile, fresh characters inject a burst of energy and diverse perspectives into the beloved series, promising plot twists and gripping storylines. As the school gates open once again, audiences can brace themselves for a rollercoaster ride of drama, relationships, and the timeless challenges faced within the hallowed halls of Waterloo Road. The following cast members have been confirmed for the new series of Waterloo Road.

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Lindon King played by Vincent Jerome

cast of waterloo road season 12

Mr. King, one of the school’s deputy heads, is a self-assured and driven educator who manages personal tragedies. What other roles has Vincent Jerome held? Jerome has appeared in both Sins of Solitude and The Peripheral.

Valerie Chambers played by Shauna Shim

Valerie Chambers is a school music instructor who never hesitates to stand up for what’s right. What other roles has Shauna Shim played? The roles that have made Shim most famous are those of Miss Drill in Dogville, Biff and Chip, and The Worst Witch.

Kim Campbell Played by Angela Griffin

Kim Campbell: who is she? Kim Campbell, the headmaster of the new Waterloo Road school, was previously the head of pastoral care and art and PSHE teacher at the original Waterloo Road in Rochdale. A loving and sympathetic educator, Kim traveled to Rwanda with deputy head Andrew Treneman and later brought her illegally adopted newborn daughter Grace back to the United States.

Kim eventually lost Grace’s custody. Kim had an affair with the evil executive head Max Tyler after the school merged with another, but they later broke up when he revealed his true colors. Despite this, Kim eventually discovered that she was expecting Max’s child, and before she left the school, she gave birth to her son Dexter.

What other roles has Angela Griffin played? Griffin’s most well-known roles are Nurse Jasmine Hopkins in Holby City, DS Lizzie Maddox in Lewis, and Fiona Middleton in Coronation Street. Griffin also starred in the television shows White Lines, Turn Up Charlie, and Mount Pleasant.

Nicky Walters Played by Kym Marsh

cast of waterloo road season 12

Nicky Walters: who is she? In addition to being the school lunch lady and a former beautician who lost her job due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Nicky is also a mother of two students.

What other roles has Kym Marsh played? Marsh is most recognized for her work as the lead singer for the band Hear’Say, for her role as Michelle Connor in Coronation Street, and for hosting Good Morning Live.

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Joe Case Played by James Baxter

cast of waterloo road season 12

Joe Case: who is he? Mr. Case, one of the school’s deputy heads, is amiable and helpful to Kim. Joe is romantically involved with Mike, a police officer.

What other roles has James Baxter played? In addition to appearances in Alma’s Not Normal, Still, Open All Hours, and Holby City, Baxter is most recognized for his portrayal of Jake Doland in Emmerdale.

Neil Guthrie Played by Neil Fitzmaurice

cast of waterloo road season 12

Neil Guthrie is who? Guthrie teaches history at the school and is a grumpy widower. What other roles has Neil Fitzmaurice played? Fitzmaurice is well recognized for his comedic roles in television shows like Benidorm, Peep Show, and Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights.

Coral Walker Played by Rachel Leskovac

cast of waterloo road season 12

Coral Walker: who is she? Coral, the school’s Head of English, has obsessive-compulsive disorder and tends to be quite negative.

What other roles has Rachel Leskovac played? Leskovac’s most well-known television roles include Joanne Cardsley on Hollyoaks, Kelly Yorke in Holby City, and Natasha Blakeman on Coronation Street. She made appearances in Happy Valley and Shameless as well.

Amy Spratt Played by Katherine Pearce

cast of waterloo road season 12

Amy Spratt is who? Coral is not fond of Amy, the new English Early Career Teacher, because of her innovative teaching style. What other roles has Katherine Pearce played? Pearce has also acted in the motion pictures England Is Mine and My Cousin Rachel, as well as the drama Three Girls.

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Janeece Bryant Played by Chelsee Healey

cast of waterloo road season 12

Janeece Bryant: who is she? problematic Like her friends Chlo and Donte, Janeece remained until season 4, having joined in season 1 back in 2006. She committed money laundering through a phony school raffle, stole a dinosaur tooth from a nearby museum, and briefly experimented with creationism while she was a student there. Despite her past performance, she was hired for the role of school secretary in season 6, which ran from 2010 to 2011. In the most recent episodes, the character makes a guest appearance.

What other roles has Chelsee Healey played? After leaving Waterloo Road, Healey had appearances in Hollyoaks and Strictly Come Dancing’s ninth series, when she was paired with Pasha Kovalev and made it to the final.

Izzy Charles Played by Scarlett Thomas

Izzy Charles is who? Izzy Charles, whose name is derived from her maternal grandmother Izzie Redpath, is a new student at Waterloo Road, and her parents encourage her to make the most of her time there.

Scarlett Thomas is who? As the daughter of her brother Ryan Thomas and his previous partner Tina O’Brien, who are also Coronation Street actors, she is the niece of her on-screen father, Adam Thomas. In previous seasons of Waterloo Road, O’Brien played Bex Fisher, a student.

Samia Choudhry by Priyasasha Kumari

An extremely well-liked student at the school, she dated Danny Lewis until his passing and was Preston Walters’ girlfriend until their breakup.


The return of Waterloo Road in its 12th season brings a mix of familiar and new faces. Season 11’s Adam Thomas and Angela Griffin reprise their roles, joined by Jamie Glover and newcomers Paul Bazely and Jenny Platt. The season introduces compelling characters like Lindon King and Valerie Chambers, promising a captivating blend of seasoned expertise and fresh perspectives within the iconic school’s evolving narrative.

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