Dive Into Las Vegas Season 5 Cast: Where Glitz Meets the Strip!

Get ready for a thrilling rollercoaster ride as we delve into the glitzy and glamorous world of the “Las Vegas” Season 5 cast. The cast lineup for the latest installment promises a star-studded ensemble, bringing back beloved characters and introducing new faces to spice up the drama. From high-stakes casino shenanigans to jaw-dropping performances, this season is poised to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience. Join us as we unravel the mysteries, scandals, and intrigues that unfold against the dazzling backdrop of the Sin City. Buckle up, because in “Las Vegas” Season 5, the stakes are higher, the glamour is brighter, and the excitement is boundless.

Las Vegas Season 5 Cast

We’re introduced to a stellar ensemble that perfectly captures the spirit of Las Vegas. The season features a mix of familiar faces and new stars, each bringing their unique charisma and flair to the bustling world of a high-stakes casino. Their diverse backgrounds and acting prowess converge to create a captivating narrative, set against the glittering backdrop of the city’s nightlife.

Josh Duhamel as Danny McCoy

las vegas season 5 cast

Danny McCoy, a former Marine and combat veteran, begins by being mentored by Ed and gains confidence in managing the Montecito. After striking it rich with Las Vegas, Duhamel also blossomed, balancing his series with appearances in Transformers and Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. Following the 2008 finale of the show, he starred in two Transformers follow-ups, romantic comedy films When in Rome and New Year’s Eve, and he made a brief comeback to All My Children in a couple of 2011 episodes as Leo du Pres.

In addition, Duhamel portrayed real-life detective Greg Kading in Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., and he played a loving father in the coming-of-age drama Love, Simon. Duhamel also starred in the police series Battle Creek. He most recently dated Jennifer Lopez in Shotgun Wedding and acted in The Thing About Pam on NBC, both real crime stories.

When the Black Eyed Peas made an appearance on the Las Vegas set, Duhamel met Fergie, his ex-wife. They got married in 2004 and had a kid named Axl before divorcing in 2019. In September 2022, he wed Audra Mari, and shortly after their one anniversary, they announced that a baby was on the way.

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James Caan as Big ED

las vegas season 5 cast

The seasoned actor, who was already well-known for playing Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, slid effortlessly into the part of “Big Ed” Deline, the security chief who later became Montecito’s head of operations and a father figure to Danny. He is also the father of Delinda, Danny’s eventual intended love interest.

After four seasons, the star of Brian’s Song, The Gambler, Misery, Honeymoon in Vegas, and For the Boys left Las Vegas, stating that he wanted more time to direct films. Alongside his son Scott Caan, he went on to feature in the 2009 drama Mercy, which Scott also authored. He also did voice work for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, guest-starred on Hawaii 5-0, and as a mob lord in the Starz series Magic City. In Fast Charlie, he made his final on-screen appearance. Caan had five children from his four marriages. In July 2022, he passed away at the age of 82.

Cheryl Ladd as Jillian Deline

The former Charlie’s Angels star played Jillian, Ed’s patient wife. However, it seems that Jillian left Ed when James Caan left the program, suggesting that the actress’s patience ran out.

Regular television appearances include Ballers, The People v. O.J. Simpson (in which she plays Robert Shapiro’s wife, Linell), CSI: Miami, NCIS, Chuck, Ray Donovan, and appearances in the Lifetime holiday films The Christmas Contract and Grounded for Christmas. A Cowgirl’s Song, released in 2022, was her most recent appearance.

While she has been married to Brian Russell since 1981, she retained the name of her first husband, David Ladd. She is the stepmother to Lindsey, Russell’s daughter, and the mother of Jordan Ladd.

Molly Sims as Delinda Deline

las vegas season 5 cast

Delinda Deline, the brilliant daughter of Ed and Jillian, is the director of food and beverage at the Montecito after finding college to be somewhat dull. She’s known Danny since childhood and they are meant to be together, but it takes them a few more years to become engaged after they couldn’t commit in season one.

Sims, a model and TV personality as well, made five appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, including two while she was in Las Vegas. These days, she runs a lifestyle business, providing parenting, home décor, fitness, and cuisine inspiration on her website.

She has three children with producer and Netflix executive Scott Stuber, with whom she was married in 2011.

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Marsha Thomason as Nessa Holt

las vegas season 5 cast

“Ice Queen” Nessa Holt, the greatest pit boss in Vegas, collaborates with the world’s greatest casino boss. Nessa was almost raised as one of Ed and Jillian’s children after her conman-turned-CIA recruit father staged his death. She eventually becomes close to Delinda and feels like a sister to her, but after two seasons, she leaves Montecito (and Mike) to join her father and her long-lost sister in their new life.

Manchester, England native Thomason went on to portray FBI agent Donna Berrigan on White Collar and Naomi on Lost. She has also made appearances on SEAL Team, MacGyver, The Good Doctor, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Better Things. She also portrayed a political advisor in the Sky One thriller Cobra. Tallulah is her daughter with Craig Sykes, whom she married in 2009.

James Lesure as Mike Cannon

las vegas season 5 cast

Danny’s closest friend is Mike Cannon, an MIT graduate engineer who works as a head valet and trusted security aide, and whose aunt, Gladys Knight, appears in the film. After being dumped by Nessa, for good reason, he eventually finds love with Piper, the new season five concierge of the Montecito (Camille Guaty).

Lesure’s career began in Las Vegas and has since appeared in several television shows, including Lipstick Jungle, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Mr. Sunshine starring Matthew Perry, Blue Bloods, the TBS comedy Men at Work, Uncle Buck (starring Mike Epps as the eccentric uncle), Salvation, Divorce on HBO, NBC’s Good Girls, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, and most recently, The Rookie: Feds. Thus, since 2008, he has essentially been on your TV constantly.

Nikki Cox

las vegas season 5 cast

Mary Connell, the abusive father of Nikki Cox Montecito’s special events director, was Danny’s white knight. They nearly got married, but she left after maybe killing her abusive father since he is too powerful to let the legal system handle things. However, she sends Danny a picture to reassure him that everything is well.

Nikki Cox did some voice acting and worked on TV movies after leaving the show after four seasons, but she mostly neglected her acting career to prioritize her family. When Jay Mohr made a guest visit to the Las Vegas set, she also met her future husband. The two got married in 2006. They got divorced in 2018, even though he famously combined her name with his to become Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr, his real first name. Together, they have a son named Meredith.

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“Las Vegas” Season 5 promises a riveting journey with a star-studded cast. Led by Josh Duhamel as Danny McCoy, the ensemble includes James Caan, Cheryl Ladd, Molly Sims, Marsha Thomason, James Lesure, and Nikki Cox. As the drama unfolds against Sin City’s backdrop, relationships, high-stakes casino moments, and new characters elevate the glamour. Get ready for a rollercoaster of excitement, as this season raises the stakes and shines brighter than ever.

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