Echo Episode 4-5 Review: A Riveting Review of Maya’s Past and the Explosive Finale!

All of Echo’s episodes are currently available for streaming on Disney+ and Hulu, with the penultimate episode providing a further look into Maya Lopez’s (Alaqua Cox) and Kingpin’s (Vincent D’Onofrio) past.

Sadly, Echo is a victim of the antiquated, original Marvel Studios television structure, which relies on five Disney+ episodes to create a convoluted story. It does not feel like actual television and would have undoubtedly suffered in a week-to-week context, thus it greatly benefits from the all-in-one distribution approach. Let us make sure you didn’t miss any of the interesting information by providing a review of Echo Episodes 4 and 5.

Looking into Maya’s Past and Destiny in Echo Episode 4 Review

echo episode 4-5 review

The complexities of Maya Lopez’s complex past and relationships are being revealed in Echo Episode 4. We learn more about this multifaceted Marvel heroine’s motivations through tense reunions and flashbacks.

An early Maya attempts to purchase ice cream after school in a flashback from 2008 that opens the episode. Because she is deaf, the merchant declines to service her. However, there are consequences for this offense. Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin, Maya’s “uncle,” sees the exchange and starts beating the man severely in an alley. Maya witnesses everything and even receives a few kicks in herself, despite Fisk’s best efforts to conceal his violent conduct. The two have a strange father-daughter dynamic, which is sown by this tragedy.

Fisk visits Maya at her family’s Oklahoma home later in the current timeline. Fisk comes ready to discuss business, having just avoided being slain by Maya in the Hawkeye finale. As his “Queenpin,” or number two, he extends an invitation to Maya to come back to New York City. There’s a noticeable tension throughout their family dinner when Maya spills Fisk’s wine gift. She has zero faith in him.

In the meantime, Maya shares some extremely hallucinogenic images of their Native American ancestors with her grandma Chula. This forces Maya to question Chula about their ancestry and their shared magical skills. Chula finally talks to him after two decades of being silent. She says that their ancestry goes back to the original Choctaw tribal member. Their family has always had strong female protectors.

Maya’s Discovery and Rejection of Fisk’s Offer

Maya finally turns down Fisk’s invitation to co-rule New York after learning more about her ancestry. She discovers he never gave it enough thought to become proficient in American Sign Language so they could converse. Maya is no longer willing to take the side role.

Resuming his Wilson Fisk role is a breeze for Vincent D’Onofrio. He portrays Fisk’s menacing demeanor and instincts for becoming a skilled crook, adding nuanced moments of hurt and concern for Maya. The emotional center of the show is their intricate quasi-father-daughter bond.

Some of the most powerful and intimate scenes to date are those in which Maya confronts Fisk as well as her real grandmother Chula. Unfortunately, due to the show’s sluggish pacing and condensed five-episode season, viewers may not have appreciated how much the show explores each significant relationship.


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Echo Episode 5 Review: Maya embraces her powers and roots

echo episode 4-5 review

A stirring showdown between Maya Lopez and Wilson Fisk, her adopted father figure, concludes the first season of Echo. Maya truly connects with her ancestors and mystical skills in this action-packed closer.

At the local post office, Maya’s grandma Chula is shown in the opening scene of the episode, obligingly interacting with Fisk. In the meantime, Maya throws away the fancy lens that Fisk gave her so they can talk. There’s trouble certainly in store.

The Choctaw Powwow festival is quickly approaching, and Maya’s cousin informs her that family members are missing. This is when things get started. Maya discovers her late mother’s spirit waiting for her when she gets home. Her mother discloses the full scope of Maya’s ancestry and mission in a moving scene. Her ancestors were Choctaw women who possessed unique abilities for protection.

Chula and the others are taken prisoner by Fisk, who then uses his goons to sneak inside the Powwow and launch his attack. But Maya comes dressed in traditional ceremonial attire that pays homage to her ancestry. By skillfully using her mystical powers, she and her family can release the hostages and defeat Fisk’s henchmen. Maya’s skills are expertly incorporated into the slick action scenes.

Unraveling Fisk’s Traumatic Past in Echo’s Climactic Scene

echo episode 4-5 review

In the last scene, Maya uses her psychic abilities to get inside Fisk’s head and face the anguish he had as a child. She aims to lessen his suffering after witnessing his violent childhood. This confrontation puts an end to their romance even though Fisk manages to flee.

As Maya, Alaqua Cox is still really impressive. Her portrayal of the character’s physical strength and emotional complexity is flawless. It’s also wonderful to see Maya’s relatives, such as her animated grandma, given greater nuance.

Because of the short five-episode run, the explosive ending is both satisfying and leaves several storylines and relationships feeling unfinished. However, there’s room for more fascinating explorations with Maya Lopez. She is an exceptional, diverse MCU heroine who is striking her path.


In Echo Episode 4, viewers delve into Maya’s intricate past and relationships, witnessing tense reunions and flashbacks. The episode explores Maya’s traumatic childhood experiences, her strange father-daughter dynamic with Kingpin, and her exploration of ancestral roots.

Episode 5 serves as a thrilling conclusion to the season, as Maya embraces her powers and heritage in a showdown with Wilson Fisk. The Choctaw Powwow festival becomes the stage for Maya to confront her destiny, protecting her family from Fisk’s attack.

Echo’s edge, intensity, and storytelling expertise take a major hit into an overly cut and unimpressive ending, even though Alaqua Cox makes a compelling protagonist and the themes of bereavement, trauma, and familial turmoil are powerful.

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