Hilda Season 3 Review: A Captivating Final Adventure!

Hilda Season 3 viewers are curious about the number of episodes in the series and the release date of each new episode. The show is centered on the adventures of a courageous 11-year-old blue-haired girl named Hilda and is produced by Silvergate Media and Mercury Filmworks. Following the destruction of their old home on the edge of a forest by a giant, she relocates to the imaginary city of Trolberg along with her mother Johanna, and pet deer fox, Twig. Take a look at Hilda’s season 3 review

Hilda Season 3 Review

hilda season 3 review

Hilda’s third season explores more of Hilda’s family history, especially that of her mother Johanna, without sacrificing the charming quality of the previous episodes. The characters come to life thanks to outstanding performances by Bella Ramsey, Daisy Haggard, Ameerah Falzon-Ojo, Oliver Nelson, and Miriam Margoyles OBE.

The season’s central themes center on Hilda’s origins and Johanna’s background, which helps Hilda better understand her family and herself while also fostering her friendships with new acquaintances from Trollberg and beyond. Hilda is still an appealing protagonist because she exhibits bravery, generosity, and a preference for amicable dispute settlement.

Hilda’s complex personality is skillfully shown by Bella Ramsey’s portrayal, which endears her despite her failures and successes. The third season emphasizes significant character development as the writers dig further into Hilda and her family and as Hilda learns the consequences of her travels and relocation to Trollberg.

The Final Season of Hilda: An Evolution of Art

hilda season 3 review

Hilda‘s art direction continues to set itself apart in the field of animated works, led by David Badour, Andy Coyle, and Shaikara David. While Gillian Reid Timm and the team’s work on character designs is noteworthy, Luke Pearson’s original character designs are straightforward and successfully convey a depth of emotion with few lines.

The new designs for Hilda, Frida, and David Badour show how much time has passed between “Hilda and the Mountain King” and the last season, depicting the characters’ development. Furthermore, the new characters, such as Aunt Astrid, are masterfully designed to fit right in with the existing group while also hinting at intriguing new riddles for Hilda to solve.


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What Happened in The Last Episode?

hilda season 3 review

Hilda has always given viewers new and inventive takes on myths and folklore, but the character relationships are what make the show work. With the help of Hilda, Ameerah Falzon-Ojo’s Frida, and Oliver Nelson’s David deftly depict older, more developed versions of their respective characters.

The third season of the show highlights the friendships among the main group of friends, which has been marked by disagreements in the past, but also by improved communication. This season, there is a greater emphasis on the relationship between Hilda and Daisy Haggard‘s Johanna, exposing Johanna’s guarded temperament and forgotten past.

Fresh Places and Brilliant Music

hilda season 3 review

This season, Hilda visits new places outside of Trollberg, such as Tofoten, Johanna’s homeland, which Ross Love and the setting design team expertly created. Long a favorite, the show’s soundtrack, composed by Dan Mangan in the first season and Ryan Carlson in later volumes, never fails to fascinate with its ethereal, mystical undertones.

Because of the duration of the season, certain characters might not get as much attention, but most are given plenty of opportunity to grow. To create a satisfying ending that captures many of Hilda’s previous experiences, the team deftly combines elements from all three seasons.


The captivating storyline, lovable characters, and breathtaking images of Hilda Season 3 enthralled viewers. The series, centered around the adventures of the bold 11-year-old blue-haired girl, Hilda, is a production of Silvergate Media and Mercury Filmworks. After her old home is destroyed by a giant, Hilda, along with her mother Johanna and pet deer fox Twig, relocates to the imaginary city of Trolberg.

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