The Shift Season 1 Review: Sofie Grabol’s Dynamic Encore!

There are several intriguing differences between our local cuisine and the Danish TV medical drama “The Shift (originally Dag & Nat)”. Ella (Sofie Grabol) is the lead midwife at the city’s best-rated maternity department. She’s in her 40s, single, and facing a mountain of issues. Although midwife Ella and her colleagues approach their profession with conviction and high ideals, they frequently exceed their boundaries due to the pressure and extreme mental and physical strain of their jobs. In this article, you will learn about the review regarding The Shift Season 1

The Shift Season 1 Review

the shift season 1 review

Ella, a 40-year-old single woman, is constantly plagued by issues. The hospital’s finance guy is the worst of them; he routinely rejects her requests and justifications for hiring more workers to better serve her overworked staff and their patients. Various personal and professional difficulties need to be handled by some of the midwives and assistants. She is incessantly concerned about her colleagues at her public hospital serving the impoverished leaving for more affluent private clinics and hospitals, and she is boinking a married doctor (Pal Sverre Hagen) on the side. In some regions, they might work fewer hours and get paid more.

Throughout eight 45-minute episodes, which span roughly ten months of written time, we learn about the developing story arcs of quite a few regulars as well as the daily stream of new patients. The range of delivery issues that occur, as well as the relationships among the crew, provide a great deal of dramatic tension and very little humor. The tone of the show is less slick and glamorous than “Gray’s Anatomy,” and less turgid than our medical soap operas.

The closest counterpart could be “Nurse Jackie.” Grabol, who played the primary police detective in three seasons of “The Killing (Forbrydelsen)” and was brilliant, reminded me of Edie Falco‘s role, except that she doesn’t take drugs. She’s a great worker, but she has poor emotional intelligence when it comes to everyone but the patients and she constantly finds herself rushing to find answers when a crisis arises. Her solid performance is somewhat more of an achievement because this part is more complicated than her top cop job.

Healthcare Challenges on the Global Stage

I was worried that restricting a series to a single specialty ward would become tedious instead of showcasing the wide range of medical issues that are the foundation of most home dramas. Fortunately, there was a greater variety of accompanying issues in the deliveries than anticipated, which prevented the episodes from seeming monotonous. That may be difficult to sustain over the long term, but it worked effectively for one season. Creator/head writer Lone Scherfig deserves recognition for crafting an interesting range of events, as do her five other credited scribes. All fans of this set will be hoping they can maintain that level of originality as a second season is currently under development.

the shift season 1 review

Some may find it enthralling, but others may find it repulsive when some of the deliveries are depicted in graphic detail. It didn’t feel gratuitous at all. There is no nudity in the linen closet quickies or the delivery. Compared to many of ours, their relationships are more realistic and have less hoopla because of the cast’s average beauty as a whole. This tone was further strengthened by mirroring real-life healthcare challenges, particularly the understaffed and underfunded circumstances that many clinicians encounter globally.

While the quantity of episodes was appropriate for the subject matter, it was annoying to see some of the interpersonal exchanges. The inability to express something apparent in the heat of the moment caused conflicts to stretch on needlessly. That became somewhat aggravating. Maybe playing emotions closer to the vest is ingrained in Danish culture. Starting on January 16, 2024, MHz Choice will stream “The Shift (Dag & Nat),” which is primarily in Danish with English subtitles.


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“The Shift (Dag & Nat)” offers a refreshing departure from the glossy and often sensationalized medical dramas we are accustomed to. The Danish drama stands out for its commitment to authenticity, mirroring real-world healthcare dilemmas, particularly the global issues of understaffing and underfunding. The absence of sensationalism and the portrayal of average-looking relationships contribute to a more relatable narrative. Audiences can delve into this compelling Danish medical drama, enriched with subtlety, authenticity, and a cast that brings to life the daily intricacies of a midwife’s world.

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