Pawn Stars Cast: The Rise of ‘Pawn Stars’ and The Harrison Empire!

On July 19, 2009, the American reality television series Pawn Stars made its debut on History. The television show is set in Las Vegas, Nevada, and follows the goings-on at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a 24-hour family enterprise run by patriarch Richard “Old Man” Harrison, his son Rick Harrison, Rick’s son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Corey’s childhood friend.

In addition to teaching us about pop culture ephemera and American history, the hit reality series “Pawn Stars” has made us love television in a way that few other programs can. It has spawned several shows above a record 22 seasons of the main series, in addition to being the most successful series on the History Channel.

Pawn Stars Cast

The pawn store Gold & Silver, run by the Harrison family in Las Vegas, is the subject of Pawn Stars, which chronicles the everyday adventures of its workforce. Established by Richard “Old Man” Harrison, the store has been inherited by his son Rick, and is most likely going to be inherited by Rick’s son, Corey. The interpersonal relationships between the cast members of Pawn Stars are just as enjoyable as the unusual and fascinating objects that are purchased and sold. Every episode usually features a fresh cast of characters, in addition to the employees and family of Gold & Silver. Discover some of the “Pawn Stars” cast’s background information by reading on.

Richard ”Rick” Harrison as The Spotter

The owner and co-founder of Gold & Silver is Richard Rick Harrison. Since the age of 13, he has been employed at the shop. According to rumors, Rick was selling imitation goods for so much money that he didn’t need to attend high school. He’s kept going after the bag ever since. Known by the moniker “The Spotter,” he has an incredibly sharp eye for both unusual objects and profitable commercial transactions.

Because of his passion for reading and history, he had a brief appearance in 2014 on the H2 series United Stuff on America, which explored significant objects and artifacts from American history. Regarding his personal life, Rick has been through three divorces and is currently in his fourth marriage to Amanda Palmer. Three boys were born to him: Corey, who works at the pawnshop; Jake, who is not associated with the business; and Adam, who briefly worked at the shop before pursuing a career as a plumber.

Corey Harrison as Big Hoss

The son of Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, also goes by “Big Hoss,” and he oversees Gold & Silver’s day-to-day management. He has been employed at the shop since he was nine years old, and his father is preparing him to take over management of the whole enterprise. Harrison has drastically changed his lifestyle and shed a lot of weight throughout the program, even though his weight is what earned him his nickname.

It helped him put things into perspective when he found out he was at risk of developing diabetes and that he needed to have gastric lap band surgery. During the sixth season of the show, Harrison confronted his father and grandfather, requesting a 10% ownership stake in the shop. After the dispute was settled, he received a 5% partnership and the guarantee of larger stakes. Having gone through two divorces, he has one son that he named after his grandfather.

Austin Lee Russel as Chumlee

After being likened to Chumley, the animated walrus from the children’s television program Tennessee Tuxedo, Austin Lee Russell gained the moniker “Chumlee.” He lived his entire life going by the nickname. At the age of 21, Chumlee began working at Gold & Silver and is one of Corey Harrison’s closest pals. He handles the majority of the shop’s back-end tasks, such as processing tickets and loading transactions.

Chumlee adds a lot of comic relief to the show and is frequently employed as a test subject for products that need to be tested. He has often shown that he is more than just a fool, and he has some very amazing skills and talents, including his mastery of pinball. Chumlee also drastically altered his way of living in 2013, losing weight and modeling himself after Big Hoss.


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Richard Benjamin Harrison as The Old Man

In 2018, Richard Benjamin Harrison, Rick’s father, passed away. His calm presence and quiet manner earned him the nickname “The Old Man” when he and Rick founded Gold & Silver in 1989. With 20 years of experience, Harrison was a Navy veteran. He was noted for his tendency to be silent and to observe for most of the day. In regards to Corey and Chumlee’s antics, he was frequently the voice of reason. Harrison had four children with Joanne Rhue after they were married in 1960.


“Pawn Stars,” a reality TV sensation, not only entertains with its exploration of pop culture and American history but has also become an enduring favorite, boasting over 22 seasons as the most successful series on the History Channel. The show’s appeal lies not only in the intriguing items bought and sold but also in the dynamic relationships within the Harrison family and their interactions with a variety of characters. The cast’s personal stories and the shop’s history add depth to the series, making “Pawn Stars” a beloved and enduring television experience.

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