Letterkenny Season 12 Review: A Fitting End to a Comedy Classic!

Get ready, devoted Letterkenny fans! It’s a hard yes – the final season has arrived, bidding farewell to the beloved Hicks, Jocks, Skids, and all the quirky characters in the quaint Ontario town. With creator and star Jared Keeso leading the charge, the irreverent comedy’s unique discourse and explicit in-universe slang have sparked fan fervor across Canada and America.

As the last six episodes unfold, the fictional town’s factional bickering and heartwarming community moments take center stage. So, grab your Puppers lager, indulge in all-dressed chips, and join us at MoDean’s for a final round of laughs and ice time in Letterkenny’s season 12 review!

Letterkenny Season 12 Review

letterkenny season 12 review

Jared Keeso’s comedic genius shines through in the final hurrah of Letterkenny Season 12, proving once again that he is a true gift to humanity’s funny bone. While the entire Letterkenny crew consistently delivers laughs, Keeso’s creative vision remains the driving force behind the show’s triumphs. The decision to conclude the series after this season feels apt, with a focus on the fear of stagnation, a theme that resonates given the risk of TV shows overstaying their welcome.

Letterkenny’s Comedy Heart: Balancing Humor and Emotion

The core groups — the hicks, the skids, and the hockey players — take center stage, but a rising force, the Degens, adds a fresh dynamic. The familiar Letterkenny format persists, with comedic bits stealing the spotlight while an overarching plotline weaves in the background.

The once-unshakeable dynamic of the hick group, led by Wayne (Keeso), faces challenges as Katy contemplates a move to Mexico, Dan(K. Trevor Wilson) flirts with a Mennonite lifestyle, and Daryl seeks new connections. Wayne grapples with his place in Letterkenny, showcasing the series’ ability to balance silly, goofy humor with genuine emotional resonance.

letterkenny season 12 review

Episode 1 introduces a stand-up night at Modean(Lisa Codrington), offering commentary on stand-up comedy while highlighting each character’s unique talents. Reilly and Jonesy, the hockey guys, confront their perpetual adolescence, reflecting on the need to mature. Meanwhile, the Skids, led by Stewart and Roald, find themselves stuck, navigating ups and downs to focus on redemption and delivering a satisfying callback in the final episode.

Letterkenny’s final season pays homage to its rich history, referencing past jokes, characters, and feuds without simply retreading old ground. The series masterfully avoids the common pitfall of overstaying its welcome, evoking both laughter and nostalgia while pulling at the heartstrings of its dedicated fan base. In a poignant and hilarious farewell, Letterkenny Season 12 cements its place as a comedic gem that will be fondly remembered.

Where to Watch Letterkenny?

letterkenny season 12 review

Letterkenny is available for streaming on Hulu. However, availability on streaming platforms can change over time due to licensing agreements and other factors. It’s always a good idea to check the current streaming platforms to see where Letterkenny Season 12 is available.

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video has been another platform where Letterkenny has been available in the past, so it’s worth checking there as well.


Letterkenny Season 12 bids a hilarious farewell to devoted fans, led by Jared Keeso’s comedic brilliance. The final six episodes expertly balance silly humor and emotional resonance as the hicks, skids, and hockey players navigate challenges. A fitting conclusion, it pays homage to the show’s history without overstaying its welcome. Watch on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

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