Dr. Death Season 2 Cast: Dive Into the Drama with These Impressive Actors

Prepare for a riveting dive into the dark world of medical malfeasance as Dr. Death Season 2 takes us from the chilling case of Christopher Duntsch to the shocking crimes of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. Familiarize yourself with this season’s stellar cast, including some notable names, as they bring to life the haunting tale of a once-celebrated surgeon turned criminal. Dr. Macchiarini’s deceitful exploits, documented in the Netflix series ‘Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife,’ unfold as a cautionary tale of betrayal and tragedy. Join us on the edge of your seat as Peacock’s gripping dramatization delves into the harrowing aftermath of one man’s deadly surgical experiments.

Dr Death Season 2 Cast & Characters

Dr. Death Season 2 Cast

The primary cast and characters for Dr. Death Season 2 are listed below. It “follows ‘Miracle Man’ Paolo Macchiarini, a charming surgeon renowned for his innovative operations,” according to the summary, before we even get started.

“The distinction between her personal and professional lives starts to dissolve when investigative journalist Benita Alexander approaches him for a story, drastically altering her existence. A group of doctors halfway across the world make startling discoveries of their own that cast doubt on everything Paolo stands for, just as she discovers the lengths to which he will go to keep his secrets.

Edgar Ramirez as Paolo Macchiarini

Dr. Death Season 2 Cast

Edgar Ramirez portrays Paolo Macchiarini, the surgeon who was previously recognized as a trailblazer in the field of regenerative medicine. But why his patients kept dying was still an unanswered question. The show focuses on Macchiarini’s connection with Benita Alexander, demonstrating how his web of falsehoods extended beyond his professional life.

In films including Deliver Us From Evil, American Crime Story, The Girl on the Train, and Florida Man, Ramirez has starred.

Mandy Moore as Benita Alexander

Dr. Death Season 2 Cast

In Dr. Death Season 2, Mandy Moore plays Benita Alexander. Alexander is a journalist assigned to a special documentary on the surgeon and regenerative medicine, and she becomes romantically involved with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. Alexander’s journalistic instincts take over once she reveals Macchiarini’s dark side.

Moore’s portrayal of Jamie Sullivan in A Walk to Remember is his most well-known performance. Along with Saved!, the actress starred in Chasing Liberty and This Is Us.

Luke Kirby as Dr. Nathan Gamell

Dr. Death Season 2 Cast

Dr. Nathan Gamelli, a cardiovascular surgeon employed at a top-tier Swedish hospital, will be portrayed by Luke Kirby. After casting doubt on Dr. Macchiarini’s ground-breaking procedures, he is under pressure. For his portrayal as Lenny Bruce in the TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Kirby received a lot of attention in addition to critical praise and an Emmy Award for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. In addition, Kirby starred in the first season of Panhandle as an agoraphobic armchair detective who was investigating other crimes in Boggsville, Florida, while also trying to solve the murder of his late wife.

Ashley Madekwe as Dr. Ana Lasbrey

Dr. Death Season 2 Cast

Dr. Ana Lasbrey, a physician at the institute, is portrayed by Ashley Madekwe. She joins Macchiarini’s group in an attempt to advance her stem cell research career.

Madekwe became well-known for her performances as Tituba in the WGN series Salem, Ashley Davenport in the ABC drama Revenge, and Bambi in the ITV2 series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress for her role in County Lines.

Gustaf Hammarsten as Dr. Svensson

Dr. Death Season 2 Cast

Actor Gustaf Hammarsten portrays Dr. Svensson, who is regarded as both a researcher and a family guy. He is in charge of Macchiarini’s therapeutic experiments using lab rats when things start to go wrong.

Hammarsten’s noteworthy performance in the movie Brüno brought him attention on a global scale. He also demonstrated his acting prowess in the David Fincher adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, as a young Harald. Moreover, he has made noteworthy appearances in films like Kursk, Lord of Chaos, and Stockholm.


Dr. Death Season 2 unveils a gripping narrative, transitioning from Christopher Duntsch to the shocking exploits of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. The stellar cast, led by Edgar Ramirez as Macchiarini and Mandy Moore as journalist Benita Alexander, delves into a tale of betrayal and tragedy. Luke Kirby, Ashley Madekwe, and Gustaf Hammarsten amplify the suspense, creating a compelling narrative around Macchiarini’s web of deceit and the harrowing aftermath of his deadly experiments.

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