Invasion Season 2 Review: A Closer Look at The Mysteries and Evaluations!

Invasion was given a renewal order shortly after. The series was created by Simon Kinberg and David Weis, whose credentials as directors, producers, and writers include Star Wars Rebels, Legion, Citadel, and Hunters. It depicts the advent of, attacks by, and initial contact with a formidable alien entity from multiple human perspectives. The majority of the main cast of Invasion will be back for ten episodes spread out weekly in season two. However, they are scarred by recent occurrences. What wants the new immigrants from space? Should we terraform Earth to extract essential resources? And what else can we discover about the collective consciousness of these spiky, prickly extraterrestrials?

Invasion Season 2 Review

invasion season 2 review

Invasion Season 2 does drop some of the more grounded components, but at times it is more reminiscent of the best parts of The Walking Dead, looking at the numerous survivors trying to establish a life in the wreckage of the world they know. This is, for the most part, a misinterpretation of what made the first season more contentious. When done effectively, slow-moving stories can be utterly devastating, but every moment needs to have a spark.

The first season had far too many episodes that lacked this, and the vast majority of the experience was defined by tangents. The beginning parts of the protagonists learning what was going on are left behind in this second season as they plunge headfirst into an action-packed adventure centered upon defeating the invaders. This has an odd quality to it, not only because the program seems to be hinting at a more complex plot, but also because there are numerous instances where the immediacy of the ostensibly urgent threat is diminished by cutting to the safe zones.

Though it might have been done significantly more cleanly, one could charitably assume that this is meant to play as some type of commentary to illustrate how tiered the world is, with the harm falling on the most vulnerable. This is especially apparent when the season tries to lighten things up, as in the case of a casual joke about The Exorcist which feels particularly strange given how depressing that movie is and how this plot frequently tones down the similar sadness that it could have explored more thoroughly. Even if they are starting to change, the aliens themselves are frequently overlooked and in one battle scene are even forced offscreen for extremely ridiculous outcomes.

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‘Invasion’ Season 2 Starts Down a New Path

invasion season 2 review

Everything involving Mitsuki(Shioli Kutsuna) atones this and serves as the story’s redeeming focal point. It appears that she has forged a bond with the aliens despite losing the love of her life. Its effect increases with our level of exploration of this world beyond, which leads to some of the series’ most captivating visual moments.

Although a lot of its surroundings may be constrained, this center axis demonstrates that there is more concealed. Reviews need to be cautious because the show is still vague regarding the implications for the planet. This has a part that borders on being unsatisfying, especially considering that most of the rest of the season consists of more conventional science fiction stories, but there are just enough deeper breadcrumbs to nibble on.

Though it lacks the same emphasis to be as successful as Arrival, Invasion is in many ways interested in exploring topics that are comparable to the success of a movie like Arrival, particularly in terms of finding truth despite the possible destruction of all we hold dear.

However, there is still hope for the series; it is finally moving past its current state of stagnation and is beginning to take shape. It’s unclear where that is because there are a lot of loose ends hanging while the universe hangs together, but Season 2 has piqued viewers’ interest in how those threads will all come together in the still-developing plot.

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Invasion Season 2 takes a different path, departing from its grounded roots to explore a more action-packed narrative. While the shift is noticeable and occasionally lacks coherence, Mitsuki’s storyline adds depth and intrigue. The series struggles with balancing tones and exploring deeper themes but sparks interest in the evolving plot, leaving viewers curious about its future direction.

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