Fool Me Once Episode 8 Recap: For What Reason Did Joe Kill Claire?

As the riveting saga of Fool Me Once reaches its culmination in Episode 8, audiences find themselves grappling with a subtle sense of disappointment. In this succinct denouement, the series confronts the challenge of living up to the high expectations set by its preceding episodes. Standing as the shortest installment of Season 1, Episode 8 takes on the crucial responsibility of weaving together the narrative threads that have been meticulously laid out, bringing a resolution to the intricate web of the Burkett family’s unethical deeds.

Fool Me Twice Episode 8 Recap

Fool Me Once, episode eight opens with Maya telling Shane that she killed her spouse. When she discovered the truth about Joe, she told Shane that he had murdered Claire. Maya was in denial, but after looking into it and obtaining concrete evidence that Joe was the culprit, she was unable to ignore it.

How Is the Truth Revealed to Maya?

Maya asked Shane to test a bullet on her behalf after harboring doubts for several months. According to the findings, Joe killed her sister with one of their firearms. Then, admitting she knew what he did, she called Joe and asked to meet him at the park. Since Maya anticipated that Joe would be armed, she replaced the deactivated Glock with the one he had used to murder Claire.

What Makes Joe Murder Claire?

fool me once episode 8 recap

Claire, however, was surreptitiously investigating, inquiring about the past, and working with Corey to bring Burkett Global down. Joe could not let Claire spoil everything by coming clean and admitting he killed Theo and his brother. His scheme involved killing her in her house while feigning a robbery. Until Maya began to suspect him, he could have gotten away with it. Joe attempted to shoot Maya Stern(Michelle Keegan)that evening in the park because he believed he could still get away with it.

The only issue was that he was unaware that she had exchanged the weapons. Maya shoots him twice before setting up the scene to seem like a grieving widow and places the blame on the motorbike guys after he makes fun of her and says she can never prove it. After making sure he was dead with one more shot, she ended Joe’s life.

What Happens Next?

Maya requests that Shane drop Luca and Izabella down close to their house so they can go for a stroll. After returning home, she writes Lily a note. Thinking about it, Maya realizes that a few weeks before, Joe had borrowed her automobile. She thinks he drove Tommy there and dropped him off at the storage facility in her car. Her spouse was a real bad guy.

In the meantime, Rambo tells Kierce that he witnessed Maya shoot her husband. Marty is persuaded to install an ANPR on Maya’s automobile by Kierce over the phone. Regretfully, Eddie and Maya traded cars. Marty and Kierce arrive at Lily’s school following an exciting journey through the town, only to discover Eddie has gone to pick up his niece. Eddie says that he has a tracker installed in his car, which is parked at Maya’s residence.

Kierce arrests Maya after pulling up to the house. After she begs him for time to come clean, they come up with a scheme to force Judith and the family to acknowledge the truth about what they have been hiding.

How Does the Burketts Defeated by Maya?

fool me once episode 8 recap

Together with Corey and Kierce, she exposes all of the family’s transgressions on a worldwide scale. In Judith’s home, she puts up the digital picture frame using the camera. When Judith, Caroline, and Neil get home from a meeting, they are shocked to see her.

When Maya confronts Judith, she confesses to killing Joe in an attempt to make her appear insane. Moreover, Maya purposefully leaves her gun on a table. Caroline is too shocked to say anything as she watches Maya and Judith confront one other and discuss everything from Theo and Andrew to Claire and the failed medicines and much more. Judith claims they can escape by accusing Joe of being the cause of everything. They could all need a fresh start, in her opinion, and there is no reason to quarrel over the past. But Maya claims it’s too late.

Neil, however, takes hold of the rifle after growing weary of their back-and-forth fight. He claims they have evidence that Maya threatened them and that they shot her to protect themselves. She is killed after three shots from him. Judith realizes that Maya is streaming everything when she smiles and says, “It’s all over,” just before she passes away.

The Burketts are in financial and legal hot water as the world learns of the revelation. As Kierce laments Maya’s passing, Corey explains that Maya was the one who orchestrated everything. It was almost as if she wanted this to finish and purposefully left the gun unattended. She was done, having killed Joe as well as all those civilians.


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How does Fool Me Once end?

There is a time leap to eighteen years after the show ends. After Lily gives birth to a stunning girl called Maya, Kierce stops by to see her at the hospital. Eddie reared Lily by her final wishes, as we find out. Shane continues to be a part of Lily’s life, and Kierce has survived.


This ending makes sense and is rewarding in some way. She made her bed, however, it is tragic how Maya’s life transpired. One bright spot is that she successfully brought down the Burkett family and secured justice for both her family and all others.

It was encouraging to learn that Lily was raised in a caring household and is now beginning her own. Her daughter’s name was given in loving memory of her late mother. It brings us joy to know that Kierce survived and got to meet his son. We are only sorry that we missed seeing Molly with the youngster, but he got his desire granted. All of the plots seem to have been neatly wrapped up, and we now know why Joe died, who killed Tommy, and why Claire and Joe were slain.

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