Classroom of The Elite Season 2 Recap: Unveiling Ayanokouji’s Strategic Moves!

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 13, titled “The Worst Enemy You Can Meet Will Always Be Yourself,” delves into the intricate dynamics of student life at Advanced Nurturing High School. The episode unfolds with Ayanokouji, the enigmatic protagonist, taking decisive actions to alleviate the troubles faced by his classmate Ryuuen. Faced with the threat of dismissal, Ayanokouji intervenes, showcasing a strategic acumen that has become synonymous with his character.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn as Ayanokouji embarks on a date with Satou, introducing a personal dimension to the storyline. However, the seemingly ordinary date unveils a proposal, adding an unexpected layer to the complex relationships within the school. As the plot unfolds, it becomes evident that Ayanokouji’s influence extends beyond the surface, strategically shaping the trajectory of events.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Finale Recap

Having lost and become disheartened, Ryuuen seems to have given up on ever regaining the authority he formerly held within the institution. Ibuki attempts to talk him out of giving up and even reminds him of his comments as he turns to leave. He no longer appears interested in a power battle, though. At one point, he irritates Ibuki to the point where she just kicks him to the ground and leaves.

On December 25, while out with Ayanokouji, Satou encounters Karuizawa somewhere to ask for dating tips. She questions later that evening whether Ayanokouji is dating Satou for romantic or practical reasons. She is shocked to learn that it is Ayanokouji himself who calls and begs her, without providing much context, to gather as much information as she can about Satou.

Meets Ryuuen as well, whom Ayanokouji deftly defended from being dismissed from the school. He intends to have Kushida removed from the school to make Class D better and make sure he no longer needs to spy on others. At this point, Ryuuen doesn’t seem to be planning on overheating Ayanokouji because he is aware that he is only a pawn in his game. Horikita is later seen by Ayanokouji, who tries to persuade her to join the student council.

Is Satou Telling Ayanokouji the Truth?

classroom of the elite season 2 recap

On December 25, as scheduled, Ayanokouji goes on a date with Satou; Karuizawa and Hirata accompany them. Ayanokouji was taken aback by the double date, and Hirata feels obligated to let the other couple go as they most likely have other plans. A double date, in Karuizawa’s opinion, will be more thrilling, and Satou concurs.

Ayanokouji tells his buddies that he is okay with the double date as long as everyone is on the same page because he doesn’t mind Hirata and Karuizawa joining them. After viewing movies and eating lunch together, the two couples decide to spend the remainder of the day together. Fascinatingly, Hirata and Karuizawa aren’t even officially dating because the latter decided to go because he didn’t have any other plans. Ayanokouji seems uncertain and merely says that he might attend college after high school as they talk about their plans over dinner at the restaurant.

Finally having some alone time with Ayanokouji, Satou opens up to him about her feelings as the two couples split ways. She asks him to be his boyfriend without spending any more time. Sadly, Ayanokouji doesn’t seem to be at all interested. But to protect Satou, he presents a very convincing argument. Ayanokouji subtly rules off the option of dating by claiming that he was never mature enough in life to fall in love.

He continues by saying that he has never felt romantically attached to anyone. Given that Ayanokouji didn’t smile once during the entire date, Satou may have predicted this. His date didn’t find his candid admissions compelling, even though he maintained that it’s something he just isn’t good at. When Satou finally lost all more control, she started crying. She fled to her chamber, hiding her face with her hand.

Why Is Karuizawa Considered the Ideal Pawn by Ayanokouji?

Ayanokouji orders Karuizawa to come out just as Satou is about to leave. Thus far, she has been surreptitiously observing the couple by lurking in the bushes, but Ayanokouji has caught sight of her once during their conversation with Satou. Finally striking up a discussion about the previous events, the two settle down on the adjacent bench. Karuizawa eventually questions him about why he turned down Satou’s proposal, and Ayanokouji argues that she will never be able to replace her.

Even though she is aware that he constantly views individuals as simple props, Ayanokouji does not think this is problematic. It’s interesting to note that, even though no one has given Ayanokouji a Christmas gift, Karuizawa brought one nevertheless. However, she does anticipate that since he noticed that she had been soaked earlier in the day, he would have also brought her some cold medicine.

Considering how little concern Ayanokouji has for others, this is intriguing. He remembers how he purposefully put off saving Karuizawa from Ryuuen and tried his hardest to turn her into a psychological slave as they were making their way back. She’s the perfect pawn for him because he feels he has very little likelihood of her betraying him.

But Ayanokouji does appear to be curious as to whether they will sense a romantic connection. These subtle but crucial cues suggest that he might develop feelings for her after demonstrating some concern for her welfare. That seems improbable, though, given Ayanokouji’s past. There is a slim but real possibility that the two would wind up together in the upcoming season, even though he might not feel anything for her right now.


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The intricate dynamics between Ayanokouji, Satou, and Karuizawa set the stage for intriguing future developments, showcasing Ayanokouji’s strategic prowess and his intriguing relationship dynamics. As the Season 2 finale unfolds, it leaves audiences pondering the intricate interplay of emotions and calculated moves in the enigmatic world of “Classroom of the Elite.

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