Meet the Cast of Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2: Love Grows in The Heartland!

The first and most well-known dating game show, The Dating Game, debuted on television in 1965, but dating shows have been there since then. It showcased three single individuals, concealed from potential suitors behind a screen, answering a barrage of questions aimed at discovering the ideal match. It wasn’t until the 2000s that this idea was developed into a full-fledged reality dating competition where twenty to thirty women competed to win The Bachelor.

Farmer Wants a Wife has been the most successful reality dating show recently, but its success has encouraged Fox to branch out into The Bachelorette and other dating concepts like Flirty Dancing and Labor of Love. In Season 2, Farmer Wants a Wife, thirty-two city ladies will be thrust into country living with four eligible ranchers.

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 Cast

The competitors for Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2, who include a Miami-based professional dancer, an ER nurse from Nashville, and a Los Angeles-based cheerleading coach, are hoping for better results. Along with getting to know their potential partner’s passions, they will join 29 other women in an attempt to capture the hearts of one of the four farmer bachelors: Ty Ferrell, Mitchell Kolinsky, Brandon Rogers, and Nathan Smothers. Here, the practices include ranching, citrus, potato, and barley cultivation, training horses, and more. Discover the ladies who are prepared to forgo their home comforts in search of a new home—and a handsome man—on the range as the Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 debut approaches in a few weeks.

Ty Ferrell

farmer wants a wife season 2 cast

Ty Ferell, our first farmer, is the embodiment of the ideal cowboy. Ferell ropes cattle and rides horses on his 50-acre farm in Sikeston, Missouri. Not only does rope work have an extremely steep learning curve and a great danger of injury, but Ferell also has a daughter, as if the work wasn’t hard enough for his future matches already. It appears that Lennon Tyler is her father’s entire world, and any lady who wants to reach her father will have to overcome her. Ferell is looking for a woman who is kind, intellectual, and doesn’t seem to want to play games, of course with his daughter’s approval first. These women are fighting for the affection of this father-daughter pair; it’s a demanding order with a very generous prize.

Mitchell Kolinsky

farmer wants a wife season 2 cast

As a first-generation rancher with parents who work in white collar jobs and two elder siblings, Mitchell Kolinsky has more characteristics with his mates than the other farmers. His possible suitor might be able to comprehend his love thanks to the inspiration he received, which led him to purchase his farm in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. For him, the great outdoors has always been everything, and he has always longed for a life in harmony with nature. He currently has three dogs and a cabin, and he plans to expand his farm into the adjacent land, but first, something needs to be done. As he honed his skills as a horse and cattle rancher, he hoped to find a wife among these women to build his property and raise a family.


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Brandon Rogers

farmer wants a wife season 2 cast

In addition to horses and cattle, farms typically evoke images of crops, which is exactly the case for Brandon Rogers, a farmer of potatoes and barley. The “green thumb” Rogers, who boasts the largest property, owns 1000 acres in the tiny Colorado town of Center. He is committed to carrying on the family business as a recent college graduate, and he has already achieved considerable success in it. Finding a partner who is prepared to spend his life with him is still the one thing that is lacking for him. What more could a farmer wish for, provided he meets the right one this season?

Nathan Smothers

farmer wants a wife season 2 cast

Since his father died when he was only 12 years old, leaving him with his mother and three sisters, Nathan Smothers, the youngest farmer in the group, had to step into some very big shoes. Subsequently, Smothers completed his college studies and returned to his generational responsibilities, having been left with 300 acres of land and an extra 500 acres for cattle. He’s also developed into a fairly well-known farmer on TikTok, where he shares videos of his labor and everyday farm life, which has undoubtedly helped him get some notice. His primary objective, though, is to start his own family because he comes from a quite large one already. With any luck, his future bride may appear before him very soon.


“Farmer Wants a Wife” stands out as a successful reality dating show, inspiring spin-offs like “The Bachelorette,” “Flirty Dancing,” and “Labor of Love.”The upcoming Season 2 of “Farmer Wants a Wife” features 32 city ladies vying for the affections of four eligible ranchers engaged in various agricultural practices.

The cast includes Ty Ferell, a cowboy from Missouri with a 50-acre farm and a daughter, Mitchell Kolinsky, a first-generation rancher from Tennessee passionate about outdoor life, Brandon Rogers, a farmer cultivating potatoes and barley on 1000 acres in Colorado, and Nathan Smothers, the youngest farmer managing 300 acres and gaining recognition on TikTok. As the new season unfolds, these farmers are on a quest for love, with their potential partners facing the challenges of rural living and the promise of a generous prize.

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