Burn the Witch Review: Exploring Anime Magic and Mystique!

“Burn the Witch,” a captivating spin-off within the expansive world of “Bleach,” beckons fans old and new into a realm of mystical intrigue. Despite the polarizing opinions surrounding its predecessor, “Bleach” stands as an anime titan, revered for its unique artistry and unforgettable characters. The allure of “Burn the Witch” lies in its ability to weave a fresh narrative while preserving the iconic aesthetic that defined its lineage. As we delve into this review, we explore the magical tapestry crafted by Tite Kubo, beckoning a nostalgic journey for those who grew up with the late-night allure of Toonami and the ethereal world of soul reapers.

Burn the Witch Anime Review

burn the witch review

“Burn The Witch,” a celebratory spinoff of the iconic “Bleach” franchise, breathes new life into the anime world in its 2020 release. Directed by Tatsuro Kawano, this captivating series, marking the 20th anniversary of “Bleach,” takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey through the mystical world of Reverse London. Despite initial criticisms, “Burn The Witch” stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of its predecessor.

Visually arresting, the anime continues the tradition of “Bleach” with its distinct art direction and character design. The striking aesthetics distinguish it from other shows, creating a unique visual identity that pays homage to the original while forging its path. The fantastical creatures and enchanting landscapes immerse the audience in a world where magic seamlessly intertwines with reality.


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burn the witch review

The decision to adapt the manga’s final arc into a new anime project adds a layer of excitement for long-time fans. The promise of closure and a continuation of the beloved storyline contributes to the resurgence of interest in the “Bleach” universe. Furthermore, the introduction of a new manga spinoff, initially a one-shot in 2018, evolves into a full-fledged series, accompanied by a short film to build anticipation. “Burn The Witch” not only pays homage to its roots but also expands the narrative, offering a fresh perspective on the captivating lore that has enchanted fans for two decades.

While the series holds the torch of nostalgia, it also introduces new elements, ensuring that both longtime enthusiasts and newcomers find something to appreciate. The seamless blend of action, magic, and signature humor reminiscent of “Bleach” establishes “Burn The Witch” as a worthy addition to the franchise. As it continues to unfold, this anime proves that even after two decades, the magic of “Bleach” remains potent, captivating audiences with its enduring charm and inventive storytelling.


“Burn the Witch,” a vibrant spinoff of the revered “Bleach” franchise, revitalizes anime with its 2020 release. Directed by Tatsuro Kawano, the series celebrates “Bleach’s” 20th anniversary, offering a visually striking journey through Reverse London. With captivating animation, a promise of closure for long-time fans, and a new manga spinoff, “Burn the Witch” seamlessly blends nostalgia with fresh perspectives, proving the enduring enchantment of the “Bleach” universe.

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