What if Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: A Closer Look at The Marvel Universe!

The entire purpose of the What If series is to retell specific tales and investigate the scenarios that surround them. However, the whole second season of the Marvel animated series was devoted to creating prequels, sequels, and related stories inside the preexisting universes. And it was the same in the final episode of season two. Though we had high hopes for a redemption story for Strange Supreme, who had made cameos in earlier episodes, he ultimately returns to his specialty—that is, resurrecting Christine Palmer by whatever means necessary.

The writers of the episode attempted to include characters who didn’t add much to the story, which made it increasingly cheesy towards the very end. The episode might be fascinating to anyone who enjoys finding the “one million” Easter eggs in the Marvel movies. Is that all Marvel has to give these days, though? One enormous Easter egg hunt with no discernible plot or storyline?

What if Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

what if season 2 episode 9 recap

Following a brief overview of Captain Carter’s and Strange Supreme’s pasts, the episode begins with the two of them in 1602 following Carter’s successful defense of the universe against an invasion. To protect the cosmos, Strange explains he has been apprehending “universe-killers,” but one has escaped and he wants Carter’s assistance to find her and bring her back.

When Carter learns that Strange’s freed prisoner is Kahhori—whom he duped into following him with a similar tale about universe-killers—the two arrive at a universe in which Hydra has won World War 2. According to Kahhori, Strange has been ensnaring strong characters from the multiverse to employ in the Forge, a device he built in an attempt to rebuild the universe he destroyed in an attempt to save Christine Palmer.

Carter starts releasing the captives he’s gathered, such as Hela and Zombie Scarlet Witch, to hide their tracks as he and Kahhori attempt to find the Forge while evading Strange in his Sanctum. Black Panther Kilmonger, who has been imprisoned since the fight with Ultron after What If season one, is ultimately encountered by the two. Kahhori can teleport him out of the Infinity Armor and give it to Carter so she can use the stones against Strange.

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Strange and Carter’s Battle for Control

what if season 2 episode 9 recap

When the two finally arrive at the Forge, Strange steps in to keep the machine safe from harm. To give Kahhori enough time to destroy the Forge, he starts attacking the machine while Carter holds Strange.

Strange decides to give in to his demonic nature as the fight intensifies to gain the upper hand over Carter. He also starts to dump inmates into Forge to start reconstructing his universe. Using their abilities and the Infinity Stones, Kahhori and Carter can defend the inmates, but Strange can practically match them move for move. Carter can see through Strange’s attempts to outsmart her, even when he creates an illusion of the day Steve Rogers was supposed to get the super soldier serum.

The captives start tossing their guns to Carter and Kahhori so they may gain the upper hand against Strange after realizing they are their best chance of surviving. The inmates are subsequently able to be sent home by Kahhori, and Carter manages to free Strange from his demonic form long enough to attempt to reason with him.

As the Forge starts to crumble, Strange offers himself and his demon half as sacrifices, suggesting that Carter’s efforts are paying out. Kachori and Carter are ultimately saved by the Watcher, and the former is returned to her universe along with other tribe members that Strange has also imprisoned. Then it is revealed that Strange, who was never born into his reality, lost his existence in the process of restoring Christine Palmer and his universe.

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Where to Watch What If Season 2?

what if season 2 episode 9 recap

Season 2 is now available, you can watch it on Disney+. Disney Plus is the exclusive streaming platform for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) content, including the “What If…?” series. To watch Season 2, you’ll need a subscription to Disney Plus.


What If Season 2 explores alternate scenarios within existing Marvel universes? In Episode 9, Captain Carter and Strange Supreme team up to stop a universe-threatening entity. However, the plot becomes convoluted with prequels and sequels. Strange’s quest for redemption leads to sacrifices, and the episode concludes with a revelation about his existence. Despite Easter eggs, some find the episode lacking a coherent plot. Season 2 is available on Disney Plus.

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