Virgin River Season 4 Recap: Reliving the Most Memorable Highlights!

Since the premiere of “Virgin River”‘s Season Four in 2022, we have been living on cliffhangers for more than a year. You may need a refresher on the happenings of the previous season in the peaceful California town, which is never quite that restful since Season Five is soon to premiere. In addition to other progressions, the Season Five teaser suggests that wildfires are getting closer.

Not enough time to watch the previous season again, but still want to catch up? Here is a summary of some of the main story points for you.

Virgin River Season 4 Recap

Mel’s Baby’s Father Is Jack

virgin river season 4 recap

Even better news The major Season 3 cliffhanger was answered in Season 4: Jack is Mel’s baby’s father! The happy couple is overjoyed by the news, but it also spared them from a custody dispute. Mel used one of her surviving embryos from her and her late husband Mark’s failed attempts at conception after returning to Los Angeles. When Mark’s mother learned that Mel had already utilized the embryos, she became enraged and threatened to take legal action to get joint custody of the child. Nevertheless, Jack and Mel may now relax because a paternity test has shown that Jack is the girl’s biological father.

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Charmaine Hit an All-Time Low

virgin river season 4 recap

One custody dispute resolved, one still to go? Not so quickly. After all that drama, Jack(Martin Henderson)’s cunning ex-girlfriend Charmaine came clean and disclosed that Jack is not the father of her twin boys, setting up the big cliffhanger for Season 4. To make matters worse, the revelation was made right after Jack attended her baby shower in place of her absent husband Todd, and the two appeared to finally agree on raising the boys together. But in the closing minutes of Season 4, Charmaine called Jack and Mel in despair. When they got there, she admitted that she thought karma was making her sick and that she was afraid for her children.

Hope’s Struggling with Brain Injury

Virgin River' Season 4 Trailer Released by Netflix

It was a relief to see Hope back in “Virgin River,” causing havoc in Season 4, after she spent Season 3 trapped in a hurricane in South Carolina (a COVID plot pivot regarding Anette O’Toole’s safety). But Hope(Annette O’Toole) crashed on her way back, and Season 4 saw her adjusting to a new brain injury that made it difficult for her to remember her closest friend Lily’s death and put additional strain on her relationship with Doc. He handed her a tender ultimatum following a doctor’s appointment after Season 4: either move into a house where she can be closely watched or acquire some home care assistance. Hope chose home care and extended the opportunity to Lizzy.

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Doc Got a New Grandson

virgin river season 4 recap

In Season 4, Doc(Tim Matheson) encountered fresh, unforeseen difficulties upon the return of his long-lost grandson Denny, who also fostered a bond with Lizzy. Denny proved to be excellent; in fact, he utilized his late father’s wealth to settle the clinic’s debt, even though Mel had suspected him of tampering with the painkiller supply, which raised some eyebrows. Denny, though, was concealing a terrible secret: he had been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, a fatal degenerative condition. Denny rejected Lizzy’s love advances because of his health, which led to a falling out between the two at the end of the season.


“Virgin River” Season 4 brought revelations and challenges. Jack is confirmed as the father of Mel’s baby, resolving custody concerns. Charmaine’s disclosure about the twins’ paternity adds a new twist. Hope copes with a brain injury, impacting her relationships. Doc faces unexpected hurdles with his grandson, who grapples with a devastating diagnosis. Season 5 teases impending wildfires, heightening anticipation.

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