7 Fantastic Upcoming Korean Dramas Series to Watch in January 2024

There are tons of new K-dramas to enjoy in the new year, ranging from hilarious police dramas to heartbreaking historical fantasy to classic melodrama. Watch out for a stunning show that promises a combination of romance, excitement, and, of course, a touch of the unexpected—along with last year’s dramas that are worth bingeing on.

All of The K-Dramas that Will Be Debuting in January 2024

When certain much-awaited dramas debut in January 2024, fans of Korean dramas are counting down the days. With tales that span from exciting action-packed narratives to charming romances, these upcoming dramas are sure to enthrall viewers.

1. A Shop For Killers

upcoming k-drama series in january 2024

A Shop for Killers, starring the captivating duo of Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Jun, will be released on January 17. Get ready for an incredible retail experience. Jung Ji An receives an unexpected legacy in this crazy story: a store that’s riskier than your typical corner store. Ji An discovers the lethal truth her uncle concealed, putting her in danger of being killed, as if overcoming the challenges of inheritance weren’t difficult enough. Get ready for a shopping experience unlike any other, where the latest trend is survival and every purchase has a risk involved! Who said buying groceries had to be boring?

2. Captivating The King

upcoming k-drama series in january 2024

A royal meeting is in store for you on January 26 when “Captivating The King,” starring the captivating Shin Se Kyung and the endearing Jo Jung Suk, hits theaters. A strong female player on the baduk board surprises the imprisoned prince in this historical tale, taking not just his pieces but also his affections. A gripping game of strategy combining romance, melodrama, and regal intrigue unfolds as the lone king struggles with trust concerns. In the game of Thrones and Hearts, when every move is a royal gambit, get ready for a checkmate of emotions on this chessboard of love.

3. Doctor Slump

upcoming k-drama series in january 2024

“Doctor Slump,” which will premiere on January 27, has a tragic medical turn of events. Two former adversaries in school who are now doctors experience an unexpected decline in their lives. Park Hyun Sik and Park Shin Hye, a dynamic duo, portray these two characters. Unfortunately, their formerly bright careers took a turn for the worse, and they had to leave their esteemed positions. During difficult times, a fortuitous reconnection ignites a blossoming passion that turns into a bright spot amid their stormy skies. Experience life’s highs and lows with this eccentric medical team as they demonstrate that, on occasion, love truly is the best cure for broken hearts.

4. Knight Flower

upcoming k-drama series in january 2024

A captivating story of mystery and moonlit bravery awaits you in “Knight Flower,” which stars Lee Ha Nee and Kim Sang Joong in a leading role. The film will be released on January 12. The widowed noblewoman Jo Yeo Hwa lives a routine existence inside her mansion, completely disregarding daytime manners. However, keep your hanbok close at hand, as she too takes center stage when the moon does. Accept the absurd contrast as Jo Yeo Hwa becomes a nighttime vigilante, slinking into the dark to help total strangers. “Knight Flower” has the potential to become a unique masterpiece as it blends the themes of daytime peace with nocturnal bravery!


upcoming k-drama series in january 2024

An upcoming comedy-drama LTNS, which premieres on January 19, centers on Woo-jin (Esom) and Samuel (Ahn Jae-hong), a childless couple with five years of marriage. Despite her meager pay as a receptionist at a three-star hotel, Woo-jin is a very motivated individual. Samuel, meantime, left a large corporation after receiving his degree from a renowned university, suffered a mental collapse, and left to work as a cab driver.

Their marriage has become “sexless” and has lost all excitement due to financial hardship and work-related stress. Woo-jin and Samuel decide to blackmail couples who are having extramarital affairs to make some additional money when their financial position worsens. Concurrently, they start thinking about their relationship.

6. The Bequeathed

upcoming k-drama series in january 2024

The Bequeathed, which will debut on January 19 and was co-written by Yeon Sang-ho (Hellbound, Train to Busan), is based on a well-known webtoon. Kim Hyun-Joo plays Yoon Seo-ha, a lady who inherits a graveyard following her uncle’s passing. When a guy who claims to be her half-brother shows up at the burial, her claim to the property turns out to be more problematic than she had anticipated.

Worse, police officers Seong-joon and Sang-min (Park Hee-soon from My Name and Park Byung-eun from Moving) start to get suspicious of a string of unexplained killings that are happening on and around the graveyard.

7. Queen of Divorce

upcoming k-drama series in january 2024

The Uncanny Counter’s Kang Ki-young and Penthouse’s Lee Ji-ah star as a “problem-solver” and divorce attorney couple in Queen of Divorce, which targets bad marriages for their clients’ punishment will be released on January 31. Sara Kim, the head of the divorce settlement business Solution, is portrayed by Lee. Previously the daughter-in-law of a well-known legal family, she is betrayed by her husband, loses everything, and starts the business.

Kang portrays Dong Ki-joon, a lawyer who serves as her business partner. He resigns from his position inexplicably as a former prosecutor with one of the greatest prosecution rates in his area. Together, they work to secure the finest settlement for their clients who want to separate from their spouses.

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