Top 10 Series to Watch on Peacock Right Now: Experience the Thriller and Drama!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for entertainment enthusiasts! Dive into a world of cinematic excellence with our carefully curated list of the “Top 10 Series to Watch on Peacock.” Whether you’re a seasoned binge-watcher or a casual viewer, our recommendations promise an immersive experience filled with gripping plots, stellar performances, and unparalleled entertainment. From riveting dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies, our selection caters to diverse tastes. Join us on a journey through the best Peacock has to offer, where each series is a masterpiece waiting to captivate your imagination. Get ready to discover your next binge-worthy obsession!

Top 10 Series to Watch on Peacock

Following a somewhat bumpy beginning, Peacock has developed into an excellent streaming service with plenty of original programming, NBC oldies, and some unexpected gems. This large collection adds to the age-old problem of not knowing what to binge-watch next on TV when there are so many options available.

Don’t worry if that describes you; we’ve put together the best selection of enjoyable options for you to pick from. Just be sure to have some munchies on hand because once you press play, you won’t want to get up. These are the top 20 Peacock shows available at the moment.

Superstore (2015-2021)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Created by: Justin Spitzer

Cast: America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn, Nico Santos

Scene after scene, Superstore’s cast carried the show, making it one of those comedies that got better every season. Superstore leaned into the worst aspects of working at a place where the management loves to say they’re here for you but aren’t, about the life of employees at a big-box shop. Superstore began as America Ferrera’s sitcom, with Ugly Betty leading the ensemble. Nevertheless, it developed into a true group performance where each person had their own time to shine and made the audience laugh nonstop. In conclusion, Lauren Ash’s portrayal of the tough-ass Dina Fox—who can make you laugh so hard you cry—stands out the most. Superstore is the ideal television program to watch in one sitting, as it has endearing characters and scene-changing customer vignettes. – Arianne Binette

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John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams (2023)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Created By: John Carpenter

Cast: Maria Almeida, Andrew Buzzeo, and Will O’Donnell

John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams delves into the accounts of actual people’s enigmatic encounters, much like Unsolved Mysteries, but with the horror legend’s signature twist. John Carpenter’s ageless sense of terror allows a wide range of superb actors to shine as they take on a different terrifying story in each episode. Each story is riveting and intense, brimming with suspense, and moments of fear are punctuated by an unsettling soundtrack. Even at 75 years old, the legendary Carpenter doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and here is a perfect illustration of the essential components that have been in all of his well-known films. – Hodges, Jake

Chucky (2021-present)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Created By: Don Mancini

Cast: Zackary Arthur, Bjorgvin Arnason, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Brad Dourif

Don Mancini’s series, which is based on the cult classic horror film Child’s Play, follows the titular killer doll as he terrorizes a slumbering American city. Brad Dourif, reprising his role from the first series, voices the deadly “Good Guy” doll. He is accompanied by an amazing cast that includes Zackary Arthur and Bjorgvin Arnason. Even though Chucky draws heavily from its source material, it skillfully turns one of horror’s most well-known villains into an anti-hero by turning his story around. The horrific horror set pieces and joy of the original are back, and Chucky’s fame has been rightly revived for an entirely new generation. – Hodges, Jake

The Continental: From The World of John Wick (2023)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Creator: Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward, Shawn Simmons

Cast: Peter Greene, Nhung Kate, Colin Woodell, and Katie McGrath

At last, fans of the John Wick film series will be able to enjoy an action-packed prequel episode that reveals the origins of the assassins’ hotel, thereby expanding the world of the film series. Set in the 1970s, The Continental: From the World of John Wick centers on a teenage Winston Scott, who was portrayed by Ian McShane in the original series. Colin Woodell, star of The Flight Attendant, now plays the part of the character in a bolder and more carefree manner. The plot begins with the building’s aggressive takeover by Mel Gibson’s character, the original mafioso owner, who lays the groundwork for the Continental’s rules and style. Proceed as you like with that final piece of knowledge.

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Based on A True Story (2023-Present)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Creator: Craig Rosenberg

Cast: Liana Liberato, Priscilla Quintana, Chris Messina, Tom Bateman, and Kaley Cuoco

Based on a True Story incorporates all of the popular true crime content—podcasts, documentaries, plays, and more—and transforms it into a gripping murder mystery and business venture. Chris Messina (Away We Go) and Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) portray a married couple who, suspecting their new buddy is a killer, decide to use true crime podcasts as a way to get out of their financial bind. The show offers an intriguing perspective on the American preoccupation with profiting off sorrow and death, satirizing do-it-yourself investigators who frequently get into trouble while stepping on the victims of abuse.

Bupkis (2023-Present)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Creator: Pete Davidson, Judah Miller, Dave Sirus

Cast: Joe Pesci, Edie Falco, Pete Davidson,

This humorously heightened portrayal of his life is played by Pete Davidson (SNL). After Bupkis returns Davidson to his birth in Staten Island, he must settle back in with his mother while he searches for meaning and guidance. Davidson invites a wide range of well-known pals, such as Charlie Day (Fist Fight), Machine Gun Kelly (Jackass Forever), and Al Gore (An Inconvenient Truth), who are having a great time splashing around in the ridiculous environment he’s constructed for himself. But Joe Pesci (My Cousin Vinny), who plays Davisdon’s grandfather and gives the show’s wayward protagonist hard facts and practical advice, is one of the most influential characters.

The Ark (2023-Present)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Creator: Dean Devlin

Christie Burke, Ryan Adams, Reece Ritchie, Richard Fleeshman, and Stacey Read in the cast

In the thrilling science fiction series The Ark, a group of people are sent into space on a spaceship to start preparing a planet for human habitation. The Ark, a sci-fi classic produced by sci-fi great Dean Devlin (Independence Day), co-showruns the series with Jonathan Glassner (Stargate SG-1) and starts as a simple notion until revealing itself to be both an exciting interpersonal drama and a cosmic adventure. The Ark truly shines with a heart-racing pace and well-crafted plot twists, so forget about the graphics and concentrate on enjoying the incredibly gorgeous and talented cast, which includes Christie Burke, Reece Ritchie (The Outpost), Richard Fleeshman (The Sandman), Stacey Read, and Ryan Adams. — Yael Tygiel

Poker Face (2023-present)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Creator: Rian Johnson

Cast: Adrien Brody, Ellen Barkin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Benjamin Bratt, and Natasha Lyonne

Poker Face is a new humorous mystery anthology series from Rian Johnson (Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery), starring Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll) as Charlie Cale, a woman with the ability to detect lies. Every episode will follow Charlie (Lyonne) as she travels to a new place, encounters new people, and becomes involved in bizarre crimes that she is driven to solve. Poker Face, like earlier Johnson productions, will be jam-packed with celebrity cameos, such as Ellen Barkin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Benjamin Bratt. The joy of Poker Face is seeing Charlie use her exceptional ability to identify lies to solve each mystery, bringing the cunning cases to a satisfying conclusion just before the credits roll. This is because the crime and its culprit are revealed at the beginning of the episode. — Yael Tygiel

The Calling (2022-present)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Creator: David E. Kelley

Cast: Karen Robinson, Juliana Canfield, and Jeff Wilbusch

David E. Kelley, a legendary television producer, has created a new intriguing crime thriller called The Calling, which is based on the book The Missing File. Avraham, played by Jeff Wilbusch (Unorthodox), is an NYPD detective who treats every case with compassion and is highly influenced by Judaism. A varied ensemble, including police Captain Kathleen Davies (Karen Robinson) and his eager-to-learn companion Det. Harris (played by the engaging Juliana Canfield), supports Wilbusch’s Det. Abraham. The Calling distinguishes itself from conventional procedural police dramas by taking a methodical and methodical approach to the investigation of horrible murders. — Yael Tygiel

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A Friend of the Family (2022)

top 10 series to watch on peacock

Creator: Nick Antosca

Cast: Jake Lacy, Colin Hanks, Anna Paquin, McKenna Grace

The Peacock miniseries A Friend of the Family delves into the abduction of teenager Jan Broberg (Mckenna Grace), based on the horrifying actual event told in the crime documentary Abducted in Plain Sight. The set design and costumes of A Friend of the Family, which was set across several years in the mid-1970s, are remarkably authentic. The creator Nick Antosca puts the terrifying tale in perspective by illuminating the hitherto unrecognized years preceding the several kidnappings. A Friend of the Family stars a superb cast of award-winning actors, including Anna Paquin (X-Men) and Colin Hanks (Jumanji: The Next Level), to dramatize the already dramatic yet true narrative. — Yael Tygiel


Explore the best of Peacock with our “Top 10 Series to Watch” guide, featuring a diverse range of shows. From the hilarious workplace comedy “Superstore” to the chilling horror anthology “John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams,” and the thrilling prequel “The Continental: From The World of John Wick,” our list promises immersive entertainment for every taste. Dive into gripping dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies, and captivating mysteries—your next binge-worthy obsession awaits!

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