Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

It can be difficult to keep up with the abundance of streaming services, highly anticipated film releases, and new series that we’re expected to watch. Even while we keep an eye on lists like Netflix’s most popular titles, the huge hits aren’t always worth seeing. How do you sort through it all, then? We’ve found all the TV series and films that are worth watching each week, so we’ve made your job a little bit easier. With these choices from Apple TV+ (Monarch: Legacy of Monsters), Hulu (Death and Other Details), and other sources, bid adieu to the scroll weariness of the past. To view each show that is making its streaming debut this week, scroll through the list below.

1. True Detective: Night Country

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

A brand-new season of True Detective is coming soon. Ennis, Alaska, a hamlet that is effectively dark around the clock, will be the setting for the popular HBO anthology series. The upcoming season marks a return to form for the show, starring Jodie Foster.

The captivating personalities and evocative surroundings will captivate you. It’s a drama that everyone will be talking about as the first big HBO series of 2024. According to Carly Lane of Collider, “True Detective: Night Country will hold you fast in its grip right up until the ultimate black of the end credits,” in her review.

2. American Nightmare

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

Currently ranked as the top show on Netflix, “American Nightmare,” akin to a “real-life Gone Girl” case, recounts the tale of a couple who staged their own home invasion and kidnapping in 2015. When the woman who was abducted appears out of the blue, everyone assumes the entire situation is a fabrication. We have a ton of questions already.

3. Sort of

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

In this comedic series Sort of, Bilal Baig plays non-binary millennial Sabi Mehboob, who struggles to reconcile her sexual identity with her role as the youngest child in a Pakistani household. Sabi’s life completely collapses as their father passes away. Desiring to regain their identity, Sabi embarks on a mission to take back their life.

4. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

Following a Godzilla assault, two siblings must work together to discover their family’s affiliation with the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, a top-secret organization. Apple TV+ is currently offering the first episode and the season finale, which aired this week, for streaming.

5. Life & Beth

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

In Life & Beth, Beth, a young lady who seems to have it all, is portrayed by Amy Schumer. Following an incident, Beth finds herself having to face her history and consider her options going forward. The complete first season of the show is currently streaming on Hulu if you’d want to catch up before the season two premiere on February 16.

Beth’s life would seem to be quite wonderful on paper. remarkable to all the people she grew up with. As a wine wholesaler, she earns a comfortable living. She resides in Manhattan and has been together for a long time with a prosperous man. Beth’s life is irrevocably altered when an unexpected event pushes her to confront her past. Beth begins to understand how she became the person she is today and the person she aspires to be through flashbacks to her teenage years.


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6. Which Brings Me to You

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

In this brand-new romantic comedy Which Brings Me to You, Lucy Hale plays Jane, a woman who attends a wedding and meets a handsome young guy named Will (Nat Wolff). Following an unsuccessful first date, the two naive romantics share their dating experiences. Is this tryst the real thing? Currently, the film is showing in theaters.

7. The Trust: A Game of Greed

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

By posing the question, “How greedy are you?” this most recent reality series offers an intriguing twist on conventional competitive shows. in The Trust: A Game of Greed To receive a piece of the $250,000 prize, contestants must demonstrate their reliability rather than casting votes to remove them. To enhance their earnings, they can, of course, choose to eliminate others, but that will only lead to anarchy.

8. I.S.S.

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

I.S.S., the latest film directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Blackfish director, stars Academy Award winner Ariana DeBose. A crew of American and Russian astronauts are following a space-set drama in which they discover that a nuclear war has broken out on Earth while they are up on the International Space Station. The astronauts are then instructed by their home nations to seize control of the station by any means required.

9. The  Woman in the Wall

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

The Woman in the Wall” The series can make you fall asleep even though it centers on a character who never seems to be able to sleep. The Woman in the Wall is a limited series starring Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack that centers on a woman who has a history of trauma-related sleepwalking and wakes up to discover a dead body in her home.

But viewers should proceed with caution—Maggie Boccella of Collider expressed disappointment with the series in her review, saying, “Nothing feels finished in The Woman in the Wall, like a half-edited draft gone to print instead of a fully-formed piece of work.”

10. The Kitchen 

Top 10 Movies and Shows to Watch This Weekend

The Kitchen, a science fiction dystopian drama starring Kibwe Tavares and Academy Award winner actor Daniel Kaluuya, marks the director’s debut. To save his house in the impoverished neighborhood known as “The Kitchen,” Izi (Kane Robinson), a deliveryman for an unusual funeral parlor, must band together with Benji (Jedaiah Bannerman), an orphaned youngster. With topics like income inequality, The Kitchen seeks to educate as well as amuse its audience.

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