The Neighborhood Season 6 Cast: Everything You Need to Know so Far

Welcome to the vibrant world of “The Neighborhood” as it embarks on its eagerly anticipated Season 6 journey. The stellar cast returns to deliver a delightful blend of humor, heart, and relatable storytelling that has captivated audiences since the show’s inception. With familiar faces reprising their roles and new additions adding fresh dynamics, this season promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter. Join us as we delve into the lives of the beloved characters, explore the evolving dynamics of the neighborhood, and celebrate the exceptional talent that brings this sitcom to life. Get ready for the cast of another season of laughter, friendship, and unforgettable moments.

The Neighborhood Season 6 Cast

It’s anticipated that Cedric the Entertainer, Marcel Spears, Beth Behrs, Tichina Arnold, Max Greenfield, Sheaun McKinney, and Hank Greenspan will all make a comeback. Cedric the Entertainer, who is well-known for his diverse abilities in voice acting, stand-up comedy, hosting, and production, strengthens the dynamic group of the show.

Townsend’s character Courtney is loosely based on Sarah Francis Jones, girlfriend of The Neighborhood star Marcel Spears, and her real-life experience going into labor at a Beyoncé Renaissance concert. The Johnsons and The Butlers Aren’t the Only Characters on The Show Though, and The Recurring Cast of The Neighborhood Season 6 Will Also Likely Include:

Malik S. as Marty Butler

the neighborhood season 6 cast

Kicking off our exploration of the cast is Malik S., who portrays the lovable Marty Butler. Malik brings a unique charm to Marty’s character, navigating the challenges of being the only black family in a predominantly white neighborhood. His comedic timing and natural charisma make Marty a character viewers can’t help but root for.

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Leslie Odom Jr. as Trey

the neighborhood season 6 cast

Leslie Odom Jr., best known for his award-winning performance in Hamilton, joins The Neighborhood as Trey. Bringing his musical and acting prowess to the sitcom, Leslie adds a new dimension to the show. Trey’s interactions with the Butler family promise to be filled with wit and warmth, adding a fresh and exciting layer to the series.

Earthquake as Calvin Butler

the neighborhood season 6 cast

As the patriarch of the Butler family, Calvin Butler, played by the renowned comedian Earthquake, continues to be the anchor of the show. Earthquake’s comedic genius infuses Calvin with a unique blend of humor and wisdom, making him a standout character. Calvin’s journey in Season 6 is sure to bring laughter and thoughtful insights into the dynamics of community life.

Que as Dave

the neighborhood season 6 cast

Que, known for his comedic talent, takes on the role of Dave in The Neighborhood. Dave’s interactions with Calvin and the rest of the neighborhood are a comedic highlight, providing viewers with hilarious moments and a glimpse into the camaraderie that defines the show. Que’s infectious energy adds a delightful touch to the series.

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Gary Anthony Williams as Ernie

the neighborhood season 6 cast

Gary Anthony Williams, a seasoned actor, and comedian, continues to shine in his role as Ernie. Ernie’s dynamic with Calvin and the humorous situations he finds himself in contribute to the show’s comedic brilliance. Williams’ performance ensures that Ernie remains a memorable and beloved character in The Neighborhood.

Sloan Robinson as Old Miss Kim

the neighborhood season 6 cast

Sloan Robinson, portraying Old Miss Kim, brings a mix of sass and wisdom to the neighborhood. Old Miss Kim’s interactions with her neighbors, particularly Calvin, provide both comedic relief and heartfelt moments. Robinson’s performance adds a touch of authenticity to the character, making Old Miss Kim an integral part of the show’s charm.

Chelsea Harris as Necie

the neighborhood season 6 cast

Enter Necie, played by the talented Chelsea Harris. Necie’s character adds a fresh perspective to the neighborhood dynamics, and Harris’s portrayal brings a new layer of depth to the series. As Necie navigates life in the community, viewers can expect relatable and entertaining moments that contribute to the overall appeal of The Neighborhood.

Sean Larkins as Randall

the neighborhood season 6 cast

Last but certainly not least is Sean Larkins, portraying Randall. Randall’s character introduces new dynamics to the neighborhood, and Larkins’s performance promises to bring a mix of humor and heart to the series. As Randall interacts with the established characters, viewers can anticipate engaging storylines that further explore the theme of unity in diversity.

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“The Neighborhood Season 6 welcomes back its stellar cast, promising a delightful blend of humor and heart. From the lovable Marty Butler portrayed by Malik S. to the musical flair of Leslie Odom Jr. as Trey, the ensemble, including Earthquake, Que, Gary Anthony Williams, Sloan Robinson, Chelsea Harris, and Sean Larkins, guarantees a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter. With new dynamics and fresh perspectives, this season is set to deliver unforgettable moments in the vibrant world of The Neighborhood.”

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