Slow Horses Season 3 Review: Dive into Espionage, Dark Humor, and Explosive Twists

Dive into the heart-pounding conclusion of Slow Horses Season 3 with our exclusive review. The latest episode, released on December 27, delivers an explosive climax, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Following the nail-biting events of the previous episode, our beloved Slough House agents face imminent danger. The tension escalates as Catherine Standish and Jackson Lamb find themselves under attack, River and Louisa trapped in a warehouse, and a mysterious fire at the center of it all. Unravel the thrilling twists and turns as we dissect the intense moments that make Slow Horses Season 3 a must-watch.

Slow Horses Season 3 Review

slow horses season 3 review

“Slow Horses” Season 3 gallops onto Apple TV+ with a mix of dark humor, espionage thrills, and a dysfunctional workplace that captivates viewers. The season kicks off with a bang, throwing our misfit spies at Slough House into a web of intrigue and danger. The narrative intricately weaves together the personal struggles of the characters with the larger espionage plot, making it more than just a spy thriller.

Gary Oldman delivers a masterful performance as Jackson Lamb, the grizzled and unapologetic leader of Slough House, exuding a cynicism that adds depth to his character. Opposite him, Kristin Scott-Thomas as Diana Taverner brings an icy elegance, creating a captivating dynamic between the two adversaries. Their exchanges, laden with vulgar wit and power play, provide some of the series’ most memorable moments.

The diverse ensemble cast, including Jack Lowden as River Cartwright and Rosalind Eleazar as Louisa, adds layers of complexity to the characters. Each member of Slough House is a piece of the puzzle, contributing to the show’s unique charm. Aimee-Ffion Edwards and Kadiff Kirwan, portraying Shirley Dander and Marcus Longridge respectively, step into more prominent roles, injecting a fresh dynamic into the team.

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Saskia Reeves’s Nuanced Portrayal and Catherine Standish’s Inner Turmoil

slow horses season 3 review

Season 3 delves deeper into the moral dilemmas faced by the characters, particularly with Lamb’s occasional displays of humanity and conscience. Saskia Reeves as Catherine Standish, Lamb’s assistant, provides a nuanced performance as she grapples with her demons while trying to keep Lamb in check.

The season’s plot, centered around Standish’s kidnapping and a MI5 cover-up, maintains a tight grip on the audience, with unexpected twists and revelations. While the increased production budget is evident in action sequences reminiscent of blockbuster films, the heart of the show lies in its clever writing and character-driven moments.

“Slow Horses” Season 3 not only entertains with its espionage elements but also explores the complexities of loyalty, redemption, and the consequences of working in a morally ambiguous world. As the horses of Slough House navigate the treacherous terrain of espionage, viewers are treated to a thoroughbred show that balances suspense with dark comedy, making it a standout addition to Apple TV+’s lineup.

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Where to Watch Slow Horses Season 3?

slow horses season 3 review

To watch “Slow Horses” Season 3, I recommend checking popular streaming platforms such as Apple TV+. Apple TV+ is the streaming service that produced and released “Slow Horses,” so it’s likely that the series is available exclusively on this platform.


“Slow Horses” Season 3 on Apple TV+ delivers a gripping conclusion, blending dark humor and espionage thrills. The dysfunctional Slough House spies face imminent danger, with standout performances from Gary Oldman and Kristin Scott-Thomas. The season explores moral dilemmas, maintains a tight plot, and balances suspense with character-driven moments. A must-watch on Apple TV+!

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