Raising Kanan Episode 6 Recap: Kanan Steps Into the Big Leagues

A new episode of Power Book III: Raising Kanan has returned following a one-week hiatus for the holidays. “Into The Darkness,” the sixth episode of the third season of the show, came after the devastating episode five that left fans to mull over for two weeks: The unique is extinct. In the third season of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Joey Badass’s character was slain by his brother Ronnie. This week’s episode reveals the precise motivation for Ronnie’s actions.

In an attempt to get Juliana, a Colombian drug dealer, to cooperate with him and provide him with cocaine, Ronnie killed Unique. His strategy worked, and she consented to collaborate with him—as long as her spouse remained out of the agreement. After purchasing a few keys of cocaine, Ronnie enlists Kanan’s help and gets Snaps and Pop on board. After partying and taking pictures with some of the city’s most prominent drug dealers, Kanan overcame his initial resistance and agreed to work with Ronnie.

The federal investigations in Queens are still ongoing, and in an unexpected development, they have begun to look into Marvin because they were able to establish a potential link between him and Sal’s murder. Finding the proof to link the two is all that’s needed, but Marvin feels like his walls are closing in after he runs into a drug dealer while meeting with Gerald. For Marvin, the timing couldn’t be worse as things are finally improving in his personal life.

Kanan Is in The Big Leagues Now

raising kanan season 3 episode 6 recap

Despite everything Raq has done to slow down Kanan and his marijuana delivery system, it is still successful. Success attracts attention from others, and Ronnie gave Kanan exactly that. Initially, Ronnie’s presence terrified Kanan, and understandably so—Ronnie elevates the ominous and sinister to a whole new level. Fortunately for Kanan, it appears that Ronnie approached him because he was impressed by his own company’s growth and wanted to do business with him.

Kanan reluctantly agrees to Ronnie’s arrangement, which includes financial backing from legendary drug dealer Snaps (Wendell Pierce) and his wife Pop (Erika Woods). Kanan is no longer dealing with marijuana as a result of this arrangement. He is now in the big leagues because his primary product will be cocaine. Higher rewards come with greater risks in the big leagues, but perhaps Kanan is prepared for both.

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The Spotlight Is Jukebox’s for The Taking

raising kanan season 3 episode 6 recap

Jukebox is forced to understand one thing by the end of “Into The Darkness”: skill is never enough. Krystal, Iesha, and Jukebox’s manager are chastised for their poor performance and lack of attributes after their debut appearance in front of label officials. She claims that Iesha undervalues herself too much for it, Jukebox is too middle-class for it, and Krystal is currently too entitled for it. The manager even questions Jukebox’s sincerity about wanting to succeed and be a part of the group. Jukebox then notices something when she looks in the mirror: she has what it takes to be the group’s leader. She can ensure that Iesha maintains her confidence while keeping up with the others and keeps Krystal in control. Jukebox just needs to grab hold of the spotlight and take it.

Can Raq and Lou-Lou Patch Things Up?

raising kanan season 3 episode 6 recap

Since Lou-Lou discovered at the end of the previous season that Scrappy did not inform them and that he was finally killed without cause, Raq and Lou-Lou’s relationship has been in a bad place. You can see why Lou-Lou is so enraged with Raq given the anguish that Raq’s original reluctance to allow him to leave the game caused on him. In the sixth episode, Lou-Lou also confesses his frustration with himself and his inability to say “no” to Raq—particularly when it comes to Scrappy—during their chat at Cafe Vous.

In an attempt to mend their connection with Lou-Lou, Raq goes to the bar to apologize, but instead of doing so, he starts to place blame. Lou-Lou accuses his older sister Raq of misguiding him and telling him to do things he later regrets, including killing Scrappy, while Raq accuses him of not being strong enough to refuse when he feels like it. Both sides are correct, but since they both have wrongs and shortcomings to acknowledge, it doesn’t matter who is at fault when it comes to trying to mend their relationship. This discussion is just the beginning; if any genuine progress is to be made, both parties must demonstrate empathy for one another.

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Marvin Can’t Hide His Double Life Or Outrun His Past

raising kanan season 3 episode 6 recap

It was growing too wonderful to be true for Marvin. He was the ideal character for a few weeks, having just small issues at most. With its ups and downs, he’s trying to be a better parent to Jukebox. Not only has he supported Gerald, but Raq and Lou-Lou as well; Marvin has just improved all around. His history is finally coming up with him, despite everything.

We witness that when Marvin is approached in the park by the man he sold narcotics to while meeting Gerald. As federal agents piece together Marvin’s role in Sal’s murder, we witness it once more. Marvin’s walls are starting to close in on him, which is bad for him because—I know I keep repeating this—he’s been having such great success! The fact is that Marvin cannot lead a double life, particularly if he hopes to maintain a friendship with a local journalist and spare his daughter from harm while she pursues her musical career. Additionally, he cannot escape his past and must prepare for any fallout that may follow.


“In Power Book III: Raising Kanan’s latest episode, Ronnie’s motive for killing Unique is revealed as he aims to strike a deal with a Colombian drug dealer. Kanan enters the cocaine trade with backing from powerful figures. Jukebox strives to lead her music group, Raq, and Lou-Lou confront their strained relationship, and Marvin faces scrutiny over his double life amidst federal investigations.

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