Merry Christmas Movie Ending Explained:  How Did Katrina Kaif & Vijay Sethupathi’s Movie End?

Albert returns home on Christmas Eve after serving his sentence for the death of Rosie, his girlfriend. He eventually finds Maria, who is out on a date, at a restaurant. Along with Annie, her 6-year-old daughter, Maria departs the restaurant. Annie goes to the movies with Maria, where Albert is also watching a movie.

After leaving the theater together, Maria extends an invitation to grab drinks to Albert since she senses an immediate connection with him. While Maria goes inside to put Annie to bed, Albert hangs around in the living room. After that, Maria and Albert hang around and exchange drinks. Maria tells Albert everything about her husband Jerome, including how he mistreated their daughter Annie mentally.

Maria also discloses that Annie had given up on communicating because of Jerome’s actions toward her. After that, the two go for a walk with Albert and arrive at his house, where they spend some time chatting. Just as Maria is about to kiss Albert, common sense tells her to back off.

Merry Christmas Ending: Who Killed Jerome?

Merry Christmas Movie Ending Explained

Maria, who was being abused, had carefully prepared to go away from her suffering. She intended to build a duplicate of her apartment one floor below to use the unfortunate demise of Jerome as an excuse to implicate an innocent guy.

Albert is unintentionally lured into Maria’s evil plan and ends up playing a significant role in her last-ditch effort to change her fate. Maria’s desperation is evident as she arranges a convoluted alibi to dispel suspicion and defend her daughter. She therefore murdered Jerome.

Albert adds intricacy to the plot with his startling confession of murder from his past, for which he served a seven-year jail sentence. He develops an odd partnership with Maria out of a need for redemption and a struggle with guilt. She discovered Ronnie, another innocent guy, to be her alibi after his confession.

Albert unexpectedly turns into Maria’s savior as the police probe heats up, helping her through the process of erasing evidence. The police were going to close the case if none of the parties involved made any questionable statements.

But their scheme takes a surprising turn. Between the cushions was a wallet that Ronnie had hidden—evidence. When the two returned, he looked for it, but it wasn’t there. He believed that Jerome had to be slain by the wallet thief to prevent a witness to the crime.


What Happened in Katrina Kaif & Vijay Sethupathi’s Latest Movie?

Merry Christmas Movie Ending Explained

Seven years later, Albert (Vijay Sethupathi) returns and finds Maria (Katrina Kaif) and Annie, her daughter. Albert doesn’t realize that when he gets involved in Maria’s life, he gets caught up in a web of sorrow and deceit. Viewers soon observe the complex and ominous story taking shape.

After being stood up, Albert, who initially appears innocent, notices Maria’s grief. Since he seemed interested in her during their initial encounter, he decided to follow her wherever she went next. When they see a movie together, they develop an unspoken relationship.

In addition, he requests permission to drop her and the child off at their house. He also learns that she is having an affair with her spouse, Jerome. Maria discloses that he is violent and has misgivings regarding their daughter’s favoritism. Moreover, her daughter stopped speaking after one of his abuses.

Before leaving the house to “relive their past,” the couple enjoys some beers and gives it their all while dancing. When they return from a romantic stroll, they find Jerome dead and holding a gun, giving the impression that he committed suicide. Viewers discover later on that’s not the case, though.


On Christmas Eve, Albert, freshly released from prison, unwittingly becomes entangled in Maria’s plan to frame an innocent man for her abusive husband Jerome’s murder. As they navigate a convoluted alibi, Albert, haunted by his dark past, unexpectedly becomes Maria’s ally. However, their scheme takes an unexpected turn when evidence surfaces, unraveling their carefully laid plans.

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