Marry My Husband Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Emotional Odyssey of Ji-Hyuk and Ji-Won!

The tale of Kang Ji-won, a Korean romance fantasy character, is presented. She is given a second chance at life. A manhua adaption of the same name by Park Won-gook, Seong So-jak stars Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-Kyung, Song Ha-yoon, Lee Gi-kwang, and Gong Min-jung in addition to other cast members.

The narrative of Marry My Spouse centers on Kang Ji-won, whose life changes after learning that her spouse is having an extramarital affair with her closest friend. She is executed, nevertheless, before she has a chance to take action. When she wakes up, she discovers she has traveled back in time by ten years and has the opportunity to put things right. Will she, however, discover something beyond retribution?

Marry My Husband Season 1 Episode 7 Review

marry my husband season 1 episode 7 review

Ji-won tells Ji-hyuk all she’s learned about her new life at the beginning of Marry My Husband‘s seventh episode. She tells him about her scheme to force Su-min and Min-hwan into marriage. To continue their conversation, they head to Ji-hyuk’s place. There, Ji-won becomes a close buddy with his cat. Why doesn’t she just flee the entire thing, Ji-hyuk asks. She goes on to describe Ji-hyuk’s journey towards the scar that had covered her arm. She must therefore offer someone else her destiny.

Ji-hyuk is seen placing Ji-won’s urn in a columbarium in a flashback. His car breaks down as he is driving away, so he hails a cab. Ji-won’s father is the driver—or rather, it’s his spirit. Ji-hyuk confides in him that he wishes they had been closer in the past.

Ji-won responds, “I would use it to protect her,” when his father asks what he would do if given another chance. Right now, Ji-won inquires about Ji-hyuk’s journey to 2013. Telling her a falsehood, he says he just went to sleep and woke up the previous day.

Seok-jun’s Arrival Sparks Chaos

marry my husband season 1 episode 7 review

Joo-ran receives a call at work the following day from her unemployed spouse, instructing her to pick up her daughter from school that evening. Then she meets Lee Seok-jun(Ha Do-kwon), the secretary of Ji-hyuk’s grandfather. They stare at each other, and it appears they have a shared past.

Ji-hyuk storms into the office after receiving a call from Hui-yeon. Seok-jun’s presence appears to be the cause. He’s come to look into the mess involving the meal kits as an employee of HR. However, they are both aware that it’s actually because Ji-hyuk’s grandfather wants him to monitor Ji-hyuk and Ji-won’s relationship.

Ji-won (Park Min Young) will be permitted to be a member of the team, but Joo-ran will oversee the meal kit project according to his regulations. Ji-won is upset when Ji-hyuk makes this announcement later. Conversely, Min-hwan and Su-min appear overjoyed to be part of the squad. Later on, Su-min receives some strawberry milk from Min-hwan, who also informs her about the company’s next workshop.

After work, Ji-hyuk takes a trip to the river, where he reflects on what he has learned, most notably the realization that unless someone else passes away in his place, his death is certain. At his restaurant, he later runs across Eun-ho and questions him to make sure he’s not from the future as well.

Ji-won’s Reflections and Unexpected Call

Eun-ho calls Hui-yeon after he drinks too much and passes out. When she comes to assist, Eun-ho recognizes her as a friend of Ji-won. When Ji-won gets home, she tries to phone Ji-hyuk but is unable. Ji-hyuk receives a call from his grandfather the following day. He has consented to dissolve Ji-hyuk and Yu-ra’s marriage. Ji-hyuk(Na In-Woo) responds that it isn’t feasible when he begs to meet Ji-won. With a resolve to see Ji-won happy, he then turns to go.

People discuss Roijental’s increasing stock value at work, and Min-hwan(Lee Yi-Kyung) accuses Ji-won of taking away his interest. Upon calling Ji-won away from her computer, Su-min discovers that Ji-won has purchased the stocks and proceeds to purchase some for herself.

marry my husband season 1 episode 7 review

Ji-wan is being courted by Min-hwan to accompany him to a formal dinner. He says he doesn’t have any money, but Ji-won gives it to him to make sure he doesn’t sell his TKU stock. Ji-won suggests that they go somewhere over the weekend with Su-min instead of having dinner.

They do take a picnic. Ji-won remembers that Min-hwan once removed a bug for Su-min(Song Ha-Yoon), and she thinks back to that time. She leaves abruptly after receiving a call for work. After she leaves, Min-hwan promises to teach Su-min how to ride a bike. But in reality, Ji-won received the call from Eun-ho. When they meet outside her office, he gives her flowers. Ji-hyuk, of course, looks angry as he watches.

Telling Ji-hyuk about the picnic, Ji-won approaches him. Ji-hyuk replies by telling her about Lee Seok-jun and how he is a hindrance. He vows to do everything in his power to support Ji-won. Later on in the day, Ji-hyuk pays Eun-ho another visit at his restaurant and informs him that he is attempting to determine whether or not he is a player.

The next day at work, Ji-won and Joo-ran let Hui-yeon plan the next session. Every employee plays a game at the retreat and is given lodging based on the results. Min-hwan, who received the fifth flag in Ji-won’s previous life, slept in a sleeping bag. Su-min used trickery to get 1 from Gyeong-uk. Su-min and Ji-won hear Hui-Yeon say that she is concealing it in the stream right now.


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Min-hwan and Su-min’s Woods Encounter

marry my husband season 1 episode 7 review

After seeing Ji-hyuk, Ji-won approaches him and says she has something to say. She prefers to do things independently even though he wants to assist her. Just be her confidante, she tells him. At that point, Ji-hyuk displays the blue heart to her on his chest.

She should allow him as her father sent him to assist her. But before she leaves to fetch the flag in the stream, she advises him to think about his happiness. Su-min finds Min-hwan sitting by herself, despondent, somewhere else in the woods. Min-hwan then approaches her as she pretends to be injured. She makes eye contact with him and then asks him to retrieve the flag for her.

Ji-hyuk discovers that the stream is dangerously deep when he returns to the base camp. Ji-won, who attempted to retrieve the flag on her own but nearly drowned, is saved by him as he races back. Why doesn’t she ever ask for help? he demands angrily. She claims that her independence is what makes her different from Su-min. Ji-hyuk tells Ji-won that he wants to be on solid land after recalling what she previously said about feeling like she was on a boat.


The article brings us to a pivotal moment at the company retreat, where the characters engage in a revealing game. The events at the retreat promise further developments, adding to the anticipation surrounding the characters’ fates. “Marry My Husband” not only explores the complexities of relationships but also delves into the profound impact of choices on one’s destiny. As the characters face challenges and seek happiness in their ways, the drama unfolds as a captivating blend of fantasy and romance, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapters in the enthralling tale of Kang Ji-won’s second chance at life.

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