Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Journeys of Struggle and Redemption!

American drama television program Good Trouble debuted in 2004. The show is a spin-off of The Fosters on Freeform. “As they embark on the next phase of their young adult lives working in Los Angeles,” Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez) of Good Trouble are followed after the events of the previous series. The thirteen-episode first season debuted in January 2019. Everything to know about Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 11 review

Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 11 Review

Mariana is in her room, and Silas comes there to apologize and reassure her that his mission is to aid women solely. He begins discussing her mother’s abandonment how she felt lost, and how her brother Jesus probably feels the same way. Telling her all she’s been through and making her cry, he tries to entice her in the same way he has the previous girls. She commands him to go.

good trouble season 5 episode 11 review

When Joaquin arrives to see her, she tells him she doubts she saw Silas now and that she had a nightmare. When Luca still isn’t home, Gael is going crazy. Arriving, Luca informs him that he is on the verge of being caught, but Luca manages to escape when a truck carrying a dumpster drives up and obstructs the police.

Though it’s unlikely, Gael informs Luca that he won’t do it again since it is too risky. While Isaac is staying in Mariana’s loft, Malika asks if she can remain with her. Mariana isn’t alone, which is why they’re thrilled to be housemates. A reference for a therapist who specializes in treating PTSD is sent to Mariana by her friend.

Dennis discusses Jeet’s problems with Davia. Davia wants to obtain more money, so she tells Alice about some of Dennis’ problems. Malika is still not back at work. She doesn’t know if she wants to go back. Luca flirts with Mable.

Mariana Shares Her Feelings with Evan

Mariana talks about her feelings and situations with Evan when she sees the therapist. She hasn’t been forthright about how horrible things are for her, and the therapist has asked how she’s been taking care of herself throughout this whole ordeal.

Watching videos about Yuri, Gael finds that he continues to claim credit for all of Gael’s accomplishments. Riley is taken out on a reasonably priced date by Luca, who makes use of Mabel’s advice and the things he’s learned from her.

good trouble season 5 episode 11 review

Since Dennis is in the restaurant, they have a family meal without him, and Alice asks for their assistance. Riley expresses to Luca how much she has enjoyed their date. They make love.

After learning that her women’s shelter was closed, Malika began to take personal days. Isaac delves into the reasons behind this and how it happened. She isn’t sure if she still wants to get into politics. While he continues his recovery, Malika and Isaac discuss the ground rules for their friendship being just that—friends.

Dennis confronts Davia after Alice inappropriately offers him money. Dennis is angry with her and feels bad for telling her anything because he doesn’t want assistance from anyone.

An impoverished man In an attempt to win Riley over, Luca lies about acknowledging that he provides money as well. Mariana lets Joaquin know that she will be attending treatment. With an innocuous proposal, he steers the conversation to the left.

Entering her room, Mariana experiences a panic attack once more and becomes extremely alarmed upon realizing that Malika’s belongings are all over the place. She starts crying uncontrollably. She partially divulges the facts to Malika.

Malika tells her that they may check the security cameras in the lobby to determine whether Silas was indeed present. Dennis regrets upsetting Davia and expresses his concern that he let everyone down. They discuss various issues.

When Alice watches the video, she doesn’t see Silas anywhere. She feels as though she’s going insane, which exacerbates her feelings. Luca tells Mabel how much he enjoyed their evening. Riley is informed by Luca that he was formerly homeless and that he was recognized. Mabel assures him that his background is nothing to be embarrassed about.

As a down payment, Dennis tries to give the man $5,000, but he demands the full $50,000 by tomorrow. Gael is thrilled to discover how much everyone admires his artwork, but he finds that some people mistake it for the work of another artist by the name of High Smith.

Mariana goes back to her therapist and explains everything that transpired, admitting that she did experience an anxiety attack. Mariana realized she was seeing things in her thoughts when she saw Silas. and that he had to be experiencing hallucinations. Mariana sobs as she describes how the bullet seemed like it was going to kill her.


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Investigation on Andrea Miller’s death

good trouble season 5 episode 11 review

Joaquin asks his friend, a police officer, to investigate Andrea Miller’s death. He wishes to know if a murder investigation is conducted. Alice has a meeting with the network CEO. The intention is to extend the show, but with her in charge of the writers’ room. Alice says no to the offer because it’s their program.

The show would end if she says no, therefore she needs to convince herself that keeping it will rescue them. When Jeet returns with $70,00 to pay the lease and open the restaurant, Dennis is about to inform the others that he is closing the restaurant due to financial difficulties.

Jeet wants a second chance to be Dennis’ buddy and partner once more, claiming that the money is legitimate and not the result of gambling. He desires to set things right. Dennis agrees. Gael paints a new painting and adds a symbol that identifies him to it.

After apologizing, Mariana tells Malika that she needs her. After doing a thorough background check on Joquain, Silas discovered that he had visited Mariana’s house and used her full background information. He fled through the window with the doll that Callie had given her.


The episode concludes with a chilling revelation: Silas’s unnerving discovery about Mariana, unveiling his unsettling intrusion into her life. This revelation amplifies the sense of danger and leaves the audience on edge, anticipating the implications of Silas’s actions on Mariana’s safety and well-being.

“Good Trouble” Season 5, Episode 11 delves deep into themes of manipulation, mental health struggles, relationships, integrity, and career choices, intertwining these threads to create a tapestry of emotional intensity and gripping storytelling, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the repercussions of Silas’s disturbing revelation.

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