Operation Work

Apply for Winter 2020

Enrolling 50 young men in this mentoring and leadership program!

  • 9th-12th grade 

  • Male 

  • 2.0 GPA 

  • Available on Saturdays (If you are currently working, exceptions will be made for Saturday participation in program events) 

Mentoring program that prepares young men in grades 7-12 for the world of employment and puts them on a path toward leadership.

"I've been in the program now for 4 years. Operation DREAM has shown me a path of becoming a great individual and young man -- specifically, the work program. Not only was I taught and demonstrated by fantastic mentors, my MSC Mr. Larry Willis taught me the values of responsibility, leadership, courage, and many more. Also, Operation DREAM has made me change for the better. I thank this program for everything they have done for me because in my eyes we are a brotherhood." 

- James

This advanced program prepares young men in grades 7-12 for the world of employment and puts them on a path toward leadership. Operation Work pairs cohorts of 12-14 young men with dedicated mentors called Member Support Coaches (MSCs) and guides them through a step by step curriculum that teaches soft skills, character development, financial literacy, workplace etiquette, interviewing skills, leadership experience, and assists them in securing part time and summer employment while in high school.


The program ends the summer after graduation, at which time the young men will have a high school diploma, driver’s license, successful employment experience, entrepreneurial training, a bank account, and short and long term goals.

7 Pillars of Operation WORK Graduates

- High School Graduation
- Driver's License
- Safe Relationships
- No Illegal Activities
- Successful Employment Experiences
- Entrepreneurial Training and Experience
- Short Term and Long Term Goals


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