Saturday Program

For children ages 4 to 14, Operation DREAM provides mentorship and developmental opportunities on Saturdays in 5 essentials categories: Character Building, Academic Enrichment, Cultural Awareness, Fitness, and Arts.

Operation WORK

Introducing middle school ages kids to Milwaukee's workforce while teaching our them how to balance income and expenses responsibly.

DREAM to Achieve

Focus on the academic needs of the students, starting with baseline test. Then initiating a comprehensive academic program and establishing individual educational plans for each child.  

DREAM Summer

When traditional school ends, Operation DREAM moves into an expanded mode to expose the youth to a variety of experiences that ignite passion and inspire dreams. Summer activities include field trips, sports, and outdoor events 

Operation Independence

Operation Independence is a new program launched in 2020 to continue to mentor young men ages 18-24 who have graduated from the Operation Work program.

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Register Your Son

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DREAM Screen

DREAM Screen LLC will be a source of income for the young men in the program while they also gain a full spectrum of business skills. Mentors from the same communities and experts in their fields will guide teens through research, product development, accounting, marketing, graphic design, sales and customer service.