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Operation DREAM Fundraiser

Please help support Operation DREAM by purchasing apparel as part of our new

fundraising campaign!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Operation DREAM and our mentors have adapted to meet the needs of the young men we serve. We have seen significant job loss and financial despair within the families of our members, creating even more instability and stress in their households. Many of the safe havens that once existed have been temporarily closed, making the services of Operation DREAM even more important.

We are working to meet the challenge in the following important ways:

  • Critical Survival Needs: Providing food and basic supplies for the many families that have lost jobs during the “Safer at Home” order.

  • Work Opportunities: Providing work opportunities to young men through a program to assemble face masks for public distribution.

  • Mentorship: Continuing to support our members and families through our dedicated mentor video chats, phone calls, emails and 24/7 support.

  • Academic Support: Working with University School of Milwaukee to continue our tutoring partnership via individual virtual learning sessions and fund the technology necessary to support e-learning.

As a means to further assist our young men and their families during these

challenging times, we have launched a campaign to sell Operation DREAM t-shirts

and sweatshirts. We encourage you to support this fundraiser as a way to help our

members while simultaneously showing solidarity with our program and mission by

sporting our gear!

Please use the link below to purchase apparel

If you would prefer to donate without making a purchase, please donate directly with us.

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