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DREAM Screen LLC will be a source of income for the young men in the program while they also gain a full spectrum of business skills. Mentors from the same communities and experts in their fields will guide teens through research, product development, marketing, graphic design, sales and customer service. While allowing the young men to own the project, mentors will teach and push the young men to heights they may have not known exists.


DREAM Screen

Operation DREAM is the proud recipient of Impact 100 Greater Milwaukee’s $100,000 grant. Grant funds will provide the start-up funding for DREAM Screen LLC, a social enterprise in which teens in the Operation Work program will start their own business providing high quality, screen-printed products. The teens will market to organizations, businesses, schools, churches and individuals seeking custom apparel.

Luis Vasquez

Luis Vasquez Jr. is a 38 year old Entrepreneur born in Chicago, Illinois. He currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his wife, Rachel, of nearly 15 years; as well as their three children, Nehemiah, Madison, and Mackenzie.

Taking an interest, Luis began printing in early 2012. Starting from humble beginnings, working in his home basement, the Entrepreneur taught himself all things necessary to begin printing professionally. Finally heading in the direction of his dreams, Luis established Vasquez Printing Company in 2018. For 2 years he maintained his corporate position while maintaining his start up, often working day and night to build his business until the Coronavirus Pandemic struck the world. As many corporations had to make changes during this time, Luis was presented with an opportunity to transition laterally into a position similar to that of the one that was now being eliminated by his employer. Luis, instead, decided to take a leap of faith and go full time in his own business in 2020.


In his personal life, Luis was a stellar father and husband. He often participated in school and small business activities alongside his wife and children. His son Nehemiah was enrolled in the prestigious Operation Dream; an organization designed to culture and introduce young black and brown boys to more than a statistical life. As a young black and brown boy, like his father, it was important to Luis and Rachel that Nehemiah be exposed to all the positive things life had to offer. The company shared the same values and beliefs with the Vasquez family.


After continuous positive interactions between Luis and Operation Dream, Luis was offered the chance to find a new home within the organization; one where he could maintain his autonomy and dream, while also helping the youth that he’d held near and dear to his heart. In December of 2021, Luis accepted the position of and has proudly been a member of the Operation Dream team since.

Thank You!




Entrepreneurship training and Business Plan Development

Providing us with $100k to get our business of the ground

Providing graphic design training for Operation Dream members

University of Notre Dame

Culture Studios

Business Plan Development

Providing Advisory Support

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